The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Episode 2

Cinderella Project is now ready set to unroll now that the final three members have been recruited to the group. Cinderella Girls contain a total fourteen members, most of them are in middle school, making Uzuki, Rin and Mio as the few older ones. Initially I had thought the Cinderella Project was an already established group, and was half expecting some members to not to be happy about their involvement. But because that was not the case, it made perfect sense for members who were already selected at an earlier time to be excited for their addition, since with the final three girls, the Cinderella Project can finally begin.
Not much happened this episode as it was  more or less a standard introduction to 349 Production and the rest of the Cinderella Girls. Most of the episode contained our three main girls exploring the building, doing silly things, first formal dance lessons, and finally the publicly photo-shoot with the team. While it wasn’t boring, it wasn’t the most entertaining thing to watch either. Nevertheless there were at least some amusing moments such as Rin’s lack of knowledge of the idol world, and her comment how “there’s too many Idols”! Speaking of Rin, it is good that she is enjoying her formal dance lessons so far. She is liking the energy involved. I have to say I was quite surprised when she revealed that she is in fact a first year student like Mio. Uzuki was also taken aback as she had thought she was a second year like her.
Mio is an energetic girl. Unlike Uzuki, Mio hasn’t gone to an dance classes yet continued to audition to become an idol. That is why Rin and Mio had decided Uzuki should be the leader of their group as she is the eldest and also has a bit more experience than they do. Unfortunately for Uzuki she can be a bit clumsy at times so after making mistakes in their first formal lessons she certainly didn’t feel like a leader.
The only thing that we don’t know about is how the rest of the members were selected. Did they pass through auditions? Were they too scouted because of their smile? We have to wait and see whether or not there will be an experience gap and how big it will be. Shockingly, after their first job in the photo-shoot for publicity, Mika (an already established idol) asked the producer to have Uzuki, Mio and Rin to participate in her concert. While Uzuki and Mio are escastic about the opportunity, Rin feels uneasy about it- and I feel the same. I tend to be skeptical when it comes seemingly almost too good to be true scenarios, especially when the girls are just starting out. I am worried because all three girls lack experience, both on stage and basic training. The last thing I want to see them go through is humiliation. The Producer was also hesitant about the invitation but ended up accepting it after the manager encouragement. So now that they are confirmed to participate (for now), we will have to see how the practices goes and see whether or not they will feel comfortable/ready to perform. I can’t see them backing out at this point, so now they have to go all out.

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  1. Because Kancolle came out sooner watching Uzuki is like an echo of Fubuki, what with the passion, clumsy expertise and always seeking to do their best! :3
    I’m loving the interactions between the girls, the distinctions and the relations/connections with people outside of their group. It all feels quite natural in context and well composed. It was especially awesome how the Producer and production team were able to shape Mio, Uzuki and Rin’s camera-awkwardness into something a cut above the usual first time experience! I think that ability/synergy will be key to helping them get ready to participate in that first concert, even if it means they’ll be doing some unorthodox for an Idol concert!
    It seems as though the ball was a nice bit of symbolism, especially given the next episode’s title (a ball is resplendent, enjoyable and…)! Mio, Uzuki and Rin are going to be this group’s POWER-PLAY! Of course, any good play needs a great team behind it, so all the girls will have a share 😀
    Of course, the “ball” in the next episode title could refer to a ball as in a dance, especially considering that this is called Cinderella Girls! That, or they’ll be learning how to balance on those balls like they were watching those other girls do during the “adventure”.

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