World Trigger Episode 14 (Posturing Isn’t Just for GQ Magazine)

And lo, the lord brought us another adventure of duckface and wet blanket. He looked at his work and said…eh?

Yes. for those of who couldn’t gather….this uh…this episode sure had a  lot of something…and that something was nothing. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

So the episode picks up where the last one left off. Jerky mcjerkscar pants decided they needed to take the black trigger from the neighbor. Because the “balance of power” would be off if he didn’t get it. Aka, he’s butt hurt that he doesn’t get a shiny new toy.

Jimmy has a bike and I didn't get one. Go steal his. "Are you sure this is a good use of our resources?" "Do any of YOU have a scar?" "(hangs head) no...." "Yeah. didn't fucking think so"

“Jimmy has a bike and I didn’t get one. Go steal his.”
“Are you sure this is a good use of our resources?”
“Do any of YOU have a scar?”
“(hangs head) no….”
“Yeah. didn’t fucking think so”

Jin talks to the guys and tells them that they should just leave as Kuma’s a border member and they should just fuck off. Of course they don’t and after a few minutes of talking as they’re about to fight, that group from a few episodes ago shows up to help out Jin and they begin fighting.

Aw shit! shit's gonna go down!

Aw shit! shit’s gonna go down!

Then they retreat and stop fighting.

Aww…it’s gonna be one of THOSE battles isn’t it?

huh? what's that? we're obligated to draw this battle out for another episode? Well okay...

huh? what’s that? we’re obligated to draw this battle out for another episode? Well okay…

Basically throughout this battle Jin doesn’t use his black trigger and the people he’s fighting are wondering why. Turns out the reason is that his goal isn’t to defeat them, it’s to have them run out of Trion so they have to leave and go home so he doesn’t have to cause an incident. Unfortunately, these are those asshole guys who won’t take no for an answer and keep fighting.

Now I know what you’re all wondering. What are our main heroes doing in this episode? Well there’s a very good explanation as to what they’re up to. Yep, very good one.


They were busy teaching the audience about the different kinds of attack triggers. No, I’m not joking.  While this battles going on, they’re obliviously learning about the different kinds of triggers there are. Because I guess they had to be doing…something?

Well from that we learn that there are 3 kinds of attack triggers, the one that looks like a lightsaber, the one that looks like a fat sword with a hole in it, and the shieldy one that wet blanket uses. They all have their pluses and minuses, and I’m sure it’s all tremendously important later but uh…Could have sworn we had a battle going on.

So yeah…the battle. After they fart around for a bit, we find out through extremely well timed dialogue dumps that the guy Jin’s fighting used to be his rival, but now he’s not because he has a black trigger. That’s uh…that’s all you really have to know about that.

"Maes Hughes never told you what happened to your mentor." "yes he did, he became my black trigger." "oh...yea...i guess.. he did... WE MUST KUNG FU FIGHT!"

“Maes Hughes never told you what happened to your mentor.”
“yes he did, he became my black trigger.”
“oh…yea…i guess.. he did… WE MUST KUNG FU FIGHT!”

And finally, FINALLY at the end of the episode when it’s clear they’re not going to leave, Jin finally whips out the black trigger (is that what the kids are calling it now?) and starts wrecking shit.

This would mean a lot more....if they weren't basically robot bodies.

This would mean a lot more….if they weren’t basically robot bodies.

and of course, the episode ends before Jin can wreck any more shit.

What do say about this episode? Well…um….it was a nice lead in? I mean, I realize this episode was to showcase Jin, but the issue is, so much of it was spent back and forthing with the two guys in a dick waving contest that I really started to lose interest. They really wanted this fight paced out. and by paced, i mean dragged. Then again, it’s a shonen show, so i REALLY shouldn’t be surprised.

Also, this might just be me, but uh…if you’re trying to make your fights seem dramatic and tension-filled…you uh…you probably shouldn’t have your diagram of the fighting be people in duckfaces. just saying.


Feel the tension of the duckface! FEEL IT DAMN YOU!

Talking was the name of the game in this episode. And it isn’t as if we learn a whole lot. All we really learn is that Jin had a rival, he doesn’t want them to take duckface’s trigger…and um…we learned what the different triggers are. That’s really about it. A lot of it is just posturing and Jin toying with the guys he’s fighting. If you’re looking for extreme content in this episode, you’re really not going to find it. Hopefully next episode will be the actiony meaty episode. Savage, I leave next episode in your hands.


Episode: 6.5/10


Duck Face Count: 4 (yes, I know it’s low this ep, but duckface was hardly in it)

p.s. where’s more of my Konami?! (sob)

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