Finally In Love Again [ Kazuki Serizawa Route] PERFECTION A PLUS

I’ve made a point on several occasions to drastically point out my opinion on every single Voltage game in order to assure consumers that I am far more interested in what I like than simply pushing a product- I’ve critisized several games for being run of the mill and filled with tropes, but then I have on several occasions stopped and said that I believe that there is one that goes above and beyond the call. Some of these routes legitimately ‘win’ their respective stories and basically make the wait for other characters seem obsolete.


Congrats everyone, KAZUKI SERIZAWA WINS FINALLY IN LOVE AGAIN ! But before I pick up and literally take this piece of perfection, I have to tell you why you should all embark on this adventure and make this handsome smooth talking S.O.B. your next Voltage route.


First off, pretty sure this route has healing powers because I’m writing this review with bronchitis. Yeah, even debilitating coughing and a weak body can’t overcome the true love that is this so otp route. Namely because? Kazuki is basically your soul mate. I hate to use such strong words but you might as well have written this to be THE route for you. This is after I’ve played three very amazing other routes, with the exceptions being Yoh and Yuto who are not my type, this is the best route in the entirety of Finally in Love Again. No story feels more complete, satisfying, or completely well written than this perfection.


First off, Kazuki is basically THE boyfriend. That’s right, the last boyfriend you ever had was Kazuki and you broke up for suspicious reasons and what seems to be a lack of communication. This route has all the delicious drama you could ever want, but it’s never too painful and it always makes you want more. I was in the middle of my Sosuke route review when this came out and let me tell you, DAMN. I also have to admit it’s nice for the main character, Kinoue for all those who might forget this games name choice for me, to have someone who can be a little more sexy with her. Momo and Aki were sexy and alluring, but it always came back to the age and Momo really needed to learn to lay off!


I find that Kazuki meeting you for the first time because of sweets is perfect and adorable, your dream led you to the man of your dreams and even when Kazuki has his dull moments he’s absolutely engaging. Yeah, he pretty much has no dull moments! I just want him to hug me and tell me he loves me all night. And one very important aspect exists: chemistry. Never did I hesitate to believe these two could throw down on the floor and once the main story ended and it was clear they both wanted it, the throw downs begin. Yowza. Aki and Momo had sex in their stories but Aki ran out of steam and Momo took too long, but boy does Kazuki not feel as old as he is. Handsome and steamy to boot; you can’t get bored of this smooth talking hottie! Yowch. I feel like such a pervert talking about him, he really is just that fun and interesting.


HE DID EVERYTHING I WANTED HIM TO DO! HE WAS PERFECT! He was good in his story, engaging in his job, loyal to his employees, stubborn but in love, suave but so swiftly seduced by you- he was excellent. I want him to just shut up, marry me, and let me have a kid with him. Entrepreneur baby 2015. None of this fake baby crap! Oh right, this is a Japanese game..sigh…don’t you know American women have children and still chase their dreams?! No American woman quits their job if they really love it, but I guess that’s a cultural difference.


And to be honest? It was a little nice to have everyone at Larme being. ..coworkers. Aki, Momo, and ‘Kinoue’ have a special bond that is always a little disturbed in their romance routes. Kazuki both gives the main character happiness, solves tensions, and allows for strong bonds between the Larme cast. Miho was even really nice this route instead of pressuring like she was in Aki’s! Points to pretty much every character and even the token rival for Kazuki’s love, Yukino, who word slapped her own father and totally deserved a fabulous art sprite. I Imagine she was basically a sexy Japanese Madonna- her best moment was basically her giving her dad the equivalent of “fuck off dad dont be a dick” the speech. PRICELESS.


My only complaint about this story is I’m afraid. I know that it will be difficult for Voltage to follow the path they need to. Every game they want to make a formula to measure where each sequel puts you, but I think Kazuki needs to move faster. Faster proposal, faster marriage, and faster talking about the future. But you know? So far they have yet to disappoint in handling that, even in the epilogue. That’s why he’s so sexy and I’m hoping for the best with him in the future! I couldn’t even wait a day to play this and none of you should either, it’s absolutely worth playing and one of the best Voltage routes out right now! Go, find love! Find love on a desk!


Find love in the bath!


Find love with your ex!





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