Hey, remember last week when I said I wasn’t too thrilled about having another Student Council President trope again? Well I am going to have to retract that statement because I am now part of Minami’s fanclub. I have to tell you, I was not expecting to fall in love with her so quickly. That fact she can be cool and sophisticated, yet can badass at the same time makes her so awesome. The way she didn’t even flinch when the enemy shot an attack at her before her spirit resonated with the Precure Perfume, and then her graceful attacks when she transformed into Cure Mermaid – I can’t even describe how mesmerized I was. Cure Mermaid’s Transformation Sequence were absolutely beautiful. I was also pleased to see that the CG animation was SO MUCH BETTER than what we had in Cure Flora’s sequence (let’s face it, often times simplicity is better than complexity). Cure Mermaid’s fighting sequence was so much fun to watch, mainly because of the way she incorporated her elegance from ballet and fought like a boss. Minami is fabulous max!!!
Haruka continued to charm me even more now that she had broken out of her shell and is openly working hard to achieve her dream. I was so pleased to see her not hesitate to ask Minami to teach her Ballet, so passionately self-reflect on her actions of interrupting/being tardy for the Opening Ceremony and take it upon herself (as Minami had advised) to do something to contribute to that self reflection other than a written paper. Haruka is a ball of fuzzy energy that I know I won’t grow tired or irritated anytime soon.
One of my favorite parts about this episode was simply Haruka’s and Minami’s interactions. They are so freaking cute together, that it made me all warm and fuzzy inside and I couldn’t help but smile from start to finish.
I was a bit disappointed to see that Yui appears to have not seen Haruka revert from her Precure form, but it was nice to see that she wasn’t entirely forgotten. As I have mentioned in the first impression, I hope that Yui will be given a role that will allow her to engage with the Precures. Next week, with Pabu being discovered and known throughout the campus as a mistaken pet, perhaps this will create an opportunity for Yui to be informed.
Although I didn’t have much to say this week, I can promise you that I loved every minute of this episode. Now that they have lost the last Precure Perfume (which was lost during this week’s fight), it looks like the third and final precure princess won’t be found just yet.


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  1. Jay

    welcome to the minami fan-club, i was so impressed even more with the art and plot of the episode. i continuously laughed at the ballet scene with haru and minami and the opening ceremony!!
    First off they upped their game in terms of fighting and cure mermaid’s fight scene was amazing with her combat style which resonated around her love of ballet which you said. And the scene with her underwater, fabulous!!!
    -10/10 xD

    1. Eva

      Oh definitely! What I forgot to mention was how I find Minami’s character has such a presence. I haven’t felt that in a long time, so it was like a breath of fresh air because it makes her different compared to the usual “Student Council Prez” characters we are all so used to.

  2. Wanderer

    At the risk of referencing Yes Pretty Cure Five again, Minami rather reminds me of Karen: her appearance, powers, and mannerisms are all similar. Although Karen was somewhat less confident in both her ability and her right to defend others against a monster that suddenly showed up, at least at first…
    Anyway, Minami really did feel elegant to me. It’s not just that they surrounded her with sparkles, or had her dancing ballet, or had all the girls in awe of her, because those are just tropes the show uses to tell me I should THINK she’s elegant, and they don’t work. Minami really pulled it off. She really felt special. It actually felt right for the girls to be gushing about her, which is almost never the case for the “school princess” character.

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