Koufuku Graffiti Episode 7: Sizzle, Pop

Honestly, every week I make a motion to claw my eyes out whenever I force myself to watch this show. It’s…boring. Really boring. It’s cute, but it can be completely pointless and boring as hell I want to cry. But this episode was actually a lot better, especially after last week’s, because it wasn’t pointless. It was sweet. So what’s in store for us in this episode of eating erotically?



Honestly, she is. Kirin does nothing while Ryou does everything. The three friends are outside with their classes sketching stuff outside, and Shiina tells this to Kirin. I mean, Kirin can at least help with the dishes I mean fuck. Shiina offers for the girls to come to her house again because she gets lots of fish from relatives, and they can have a mini fish-grilling party. Except they don’t want Ryou to cook. Shiina and Kirin are going to do it, because, back to the freeloader thing, Ryou always does everything for them, so for once they want to prepare and cook something for her and let her relax for once.

Shiina and Kirin go shopping to get the things they need, and they both notice how sad Ryou has seemed lately. Ever since the lantern festival she’s been feeling down, and it all comes down to her missing her grandmother during this season. So they want to do their best to make her happy, and wow what nice friends.

So then they are accompanied with Best Maid, Tsuyuko.


Honestly the best.

She’s super passionate about cooking so she helps Shiina and Kirin with how to prepare and then cook the fish, making sure they get every little detail right. Even though Tsuyuko has a blank face, she’s a lot more caring than she looks. Ryou arrives a little early at Shiina’s house, and she has little chats with Tsuyuko for the rest of the episodes. Tsuyuko praises Ryou for being so strong while living alone, and she tells her that she shouldn’t have to do things alone all the time. Sure she’s used to it, but she has friends now. It’s okay to ask others for help and to rely on them, which is what Shiina and Kirin want her to do. She doesn’t need to be like their mom, but like a friend. Which I totally agree with because Ryou always acts like a mom, but that’s just who she is. But I just love the talks Tsuyuko had with her and even if she’s only been in two episodes, Tsuyuko has already become my favorite from the show.


Also, they were calling her Master in the end and that’s because she’s so badass and takes things too seriously. I love her so much.

So of course the girls cook for Ryou, and of course Ryou loves it. Loves it because it’s delicious, and loves it because for the first time in a long time (probably ever since her grandmother) someone else made a meal for her. The girls head back to Ryou’s place, and seeing Kirin sleeping from an exhausting day, Ryou decides to cook something with the extra fish Shiina gave her. Kirin wakes up, and for once, both Ryou and Kirin cook together.

Short summary, but that’s basically it. I wish we had more episodes like this. It was very sweet and I like the bond that the girls have. They seem much more closer now, and I hope Ryou can chill for once and take things easier because she has great friends to do things too. So! More episodes like this and less ‘let’s lick popsicles in the tub’. Also, more Tsuyuko.


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