Shirobako Episode 17 (It’s Official. Miyamori’s Boring)

Yep, oh boy it’s time for another episode of Shirobako. Does it involve the voice acting girl getting a role in an anime? No? Awesome. This episode’s going to suck.

Then again, maybe i’m being too harsh. I mean SURELY they wouldn’t have ANOTHER episode about Miyamori doing her usual boring no character growth stuff right? What’s that? they are? great. this episode’s going to suck.

So the episode starts out with the gang finishing that whole character design debacle. and as a cameo the fat guy from last season who went to own the bakery let’s see how he-



That guy lost that much weight? and doing so by owning a bakery?! Hot damn man. that’s insane.

Anyway where was I. Ah yes. Of course, this series wouldn’t be anything without some random problem showing up. What’s the problem this time? The author of Third Aerial Girl Squad’s publicist tells the studio that they want a PV done in about a week. So of course now everybody freaks out because they’re not even close to ready.

Meanwhile, we cut to the voice actor chick who was hired to do the voice for a mascot performance. However the actor for the costume doesn’t show up and she has to do both the movements and the talking. And honestly, to me, this was the highlight of the episode.

As Yoru No Yatterman has told us, PIgs with attitude make everything better
As Yoru No Yatterman has told us, PIgs with attitude make everything better

Some other stuff happens in this episode which really isn’t important to the plot but kind of just happens. Miyamori’s two new assistants get lost coming back to the office, the director listens to the score for the series, white hair mcproducationassistant is still a jerk. Nothing really changes.

And of course, finally at the end, the PV gets done in time and everybody thinks its amazing. The end.

If you couldn’t tell, I was extremely lackluster in this episode. And honestly, it’s because this was a lackluster episode. Nothing new or exciting happened. It’s the same rehash of “oh, we have a problem with a time limit. let’s fix it! okay we fixed it! Let’s laugh at mohawk guy! let’s get to together and eat donuts! Let’s have  miyamori be boring!”

mission accomplished
mission accomplished

It’s as if in this episode, nobody cared. I almost feel at this point, the show has begun to been produced on autopilot. In the fall season, at least there seemed to be a real dire sense of urgency. I didn’t know these people. I was learning about their ideas and struggles. With this episode, we’re brought in with brand new people which I don’t care about, Miyamori is FUCKING BORING as she is pretty much looked up to as “that girl who knows what she’s doing” a position she regained insanely quickly and we’re still following her.

Look. Show. Stop with Miyamori. She no longer should be the central focus of your show. She has a respected job in the anime industry. She is not a character that needs more screentime at this current point in the show. Give it to the voice actor girl, mohawk guy, SOMEONE that I feel actually NEEDS the screentime to develop.

I swear every time Miyamori shows up I want to punch her in her boring stupid face. She apparently so competent and good at her job, there’s nothing for me to care about. There’s no struggle, no problem, just…her being good at her job. And the show’s smugnesss about this annoys the fuck out of me.

I'm on to you Miyamori. I'm not dealing with your smug shit
I’m on to you Miyamori. I’m not dealing with your smug shit

The closest thing I can think of to an issue with Miyamori is that she has that guy who’s her production assistant that got hired this season and is a total douche. basically to the point that i don’t even know how that guy got hired.

Really though, this series has become a holding pattern until the voice actor girl gets a role.

Yeah. yea it really fucking did. and it was a stupid decision by the writer.
Yeah. yea it really fucking did. and it was a stupid decision by the writer.

Nothing interesting has been happening these past few episode and i’m just sitting her waiting for it. Hoping.

Oh well all, hopefully it will happen soon. All in all, it was an….okay episode. it was harmless, but it didn’t help either.

Episode 5/10


One thought on “Shirobako Episode 17 (It’s Official. Miyamori’s Boring)”

  1. No offense Hideki but you’re being way too harsh on Miyamori, and the show in general. I don’t find Miyamori boring, I actually kinda like her, but I don’t LOVE her. I think it’s pretty cool that she was able to adjust to her new job so quickly, and she’s showing to be a great leader. Though I will admit that they should focus on more characters, but I think it’s pretty hard with this anime because they really want to show the behind the scenes with anime making, so they want to show EVERYTHING they do, but that also makes it realistic (meetings for dubbing, coloring, etc.). And the thing with Shizuka not getting a role is pretty realistic, though I also wish she had gotten a role. She’s barely starting out, and like live-acting actors, they get small jobs before they land something big. You say it’s crazy that Miyamori got her new job pretty quick, but it’d be the same if Shizuka would get a big role just like that. Not to say she’s not talented. I think of the 5 girls, the one with less screentime is CG girl.

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