And the Lord said ‘And lo, let this battle come to an end.’ and so it did. and it was decent.

That scripture is of course from World Trigger Episode 16. And of course, that means it’s time to finish up this battle. Hooray!

So what exactly happens to finish up this battle?

Jin’s group fights valiantly against the A team.. (must…resist…mr. T joke…) and Jin, throwing off the kiddy gloves beats the crap out of them, slightly bearded guy included. pride.
Ow… pride.

Delivering the final blow, two of the most powerful people in the group get sent back, which basically has the A team calling off the attack on duckface, Jin being victorious.

Speaking of Duckface, he’s off learning more things about triggers. Because if we didn’t have the duckface at least once in this episode, it wouldn’t be World Trigger.

Double duckface gum
Double duckface gum

Afterwards we see angry mcscarincharge isn’t very happy that his people lost as he’s discussing with the people around the table about what his next move is. And that next move is to bring in this incredibly powerful S Rank guy who’s slightly unstable, but his power is worth it.

It IS rather frightening how powerful his back is.
It IS rather frightening how powerful his back is.

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SCAR GUY?! My god. Aren’t you guys supposed to be like…fighting evil neighbor robots and shit? What the fuck is your deal? Why are you SO SET on the “Branches being equal”? Why are there even branches? why don’t you all fucking work together? If you all hate each other so much, then be three separate fucking entities. My god, you’re all fucking 3 year olds fighting over the same toy. This is fucking ridiculous!

Goddamn Children.

Anyway, before they can send for him, Jin shows up unexpectedly to the board room, shocking everyone as he, you know, kind of just kicked the shit out of their assassins. However, he’s not there to fight. Instead he offers scarry mcdoucheface a deal. Let Duckface become an official member of Border and they can have his black trigger Fujin.

Everyone is understandably floored by this, but Scar has to think for a moment in quiet contemplation. Because these boardroom meetings need more awkward silences then they already have.

"Bringing your shit in here, interrupting my Gendo Ikari Impression rehearsal"
“Bringing your shit in here, interrupting my Gendo Ikari Impression rehearsal”

Eventually he agrees and Duckface is off the hook.

He then walks around Border headquarters where he meets up with the guys he defeated. Hearing that Jin gave up his black trigger they seem confused, but instead of pissed off, they’re happy now that he’ll be a regular Trigger holder and they’ll be able to hang out.


Huh. Can’t say I expected that one.

The episode ends with the gang going back to training

Show! Why do you taunt me with 15 seconds of Konami!
Show! Why do you taunt me with 15 seconds of Konami!

This episode had quite a few things going for it.

First we had the decent ending to the battle with the groups, which in itself was okay. ..Granted I would have liked to have seen bitch girl get owned, but that’s just me.

We also see a bit more of Jin and how his mindset works. All this time you think he’s just this badass warrior who only cares about his black trigger, however, we see that he is willing to give it up just so Duckface can be left alone. That in itself is pretty awesome and makes me like Jin more.

I do have to admit, I am getting a bit sick of Border and it’s petty dick waving bullshit. They’re not really focusing on the good of the people, they’re busy having a power play with each other and it’s getting rather irritating.

Me and my scar are shocked!
Me and my scar are shocked!

The ranking tournament is coming soon, so I really am excited for it. Hopefully Wet Blanket will be able to show off some awesome moves or something.

Regardless, not a bad episode. Hopefully the rest of them will keep this level up as i’m actually getting rather interested.

Oh, and before I forget, on a side note, just to show i’m not insane for loving Konami more than any other character, the results of the Japanese character poll came out a short while ago.


that’s right, Konami placed THIRD only right behind duckface and wet blanket. Fuck, she only lost to duckface by 182 votes. That’s pretty badass. Apparently I’m not the only one who loves them some Konami. Rock on Konami. Rock on.

Episode 7/10

Duck Face Counter: 5