So, we begin the episode with an English lesson from Bitch-sensei. Focusing heavily on the struggle between the L and R sounds between the English and Japanese languages. After the lesson, she goes to the staff room and complains, gets her boobs stared at by Koro-sensei and storms out. Where she falls right into a snare trap! A snare trap? By who?


Well, her teacher, retired Assassin. He implies that she might not have the chops to kill Koro-sensei. She makes a great undercover Assassin, but once people know what she is. She’s useless.
Koro-sensei hops in and suggests that to prove her chops. They has a mock Assassination off, the target? Karasuma-sensei, oh dear lord. Poor Karasuma-sensei.

Though he won’t go down without a fight, especially not after Koro-sensei says he’ll stand still for a full second in front of Karasuma if he manages to avoid being assassinated all day long. By the way, Karasuma’s knife can strike 5 times in a second, so Koro-sensei is really sticking out his neck here. So he roots for them to assassinate Karasuma no matter what.
No seriously guys, don’t give up. He doesn’t want to have to stand there for that second.


So Bitch-sensei’s teacher tries and fails epicly getting knocked out of the running, but what about Bitch-sensei? Well uh, she uh, sort of wins? More along the lines of Karasuma gives up because he figures that Koro-sensei won’t honor their agreement. However, the students who can’t hear the conversation don’t see it that way and see it as her not giving up no matter how difficult the odds.
So the kids learn a good lesson, Koro-sensei doesn’t have to stand still, Bitch-sensei gets to keep her job and everyone is happy.

After all this we see a Koro-sensei suit of armor he had set up to wear in case Karasuma did win their bet. Silly Koro-sensei.


Well with that done and a little less than half the episode left, where do we go from here? Well I guess to what could only of been perhaps a mini-chapter or a side panel of the manga, where Koro-sensei is preparing to head to Hawaii for the premiere of a superhero film. Nagisa and Karma ask to go along, Nagisa is huge into heroes and Karma likes the director and has never seen him handle comic book material before.
Ritsu also tags along, via Nagisa’s cell phone.

So Koro-sensei picks them up and takes them at Mach 20 to Hawaii. Giving them a lesson along the way, they get there, watch the movie and head home. Koro-sensei gives them the homework of writing a report on the movie, in english as payment for the free trip to Hawaii. Dude, if that’s all I needed to do to get a trip to Hawaii, give me all the homework in the world.


So, I have to say something about the movie they watched though. That had to be some of the cheesiest voice acting i’ve heard since the 80’s. I mean, I am pretty sure it was supposed to be stupid and corny on purpose. Just like the movie has that cliche’d twist with the bad guy being the main characters brother. [I loved when Karma pointed that out, he said exactly what I was thinking.]
OH speaking of main characters having villain brothers. Who else should show up but our next addition to class E, our newest assassin who calls Koro-sensei ‘big brother’.



Well anyway, this was a good episode. Nothing spectacular, it probably won’t be anyones ‘favorite’ episode of the series but it held us over well enough until the next student reveal. It made me love Karasuma all that much more than I already did if nothing else. Welp, onto the next assassination attempt!


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  1. I.D. nameless

    Yeah, not the best episode. It was rushed because they wanted to get to “little brother” faster. Still, that was some needed development for Bitch-sensei since she’s been comic-relief for some episodes now. And we got to hear some “glorious” english and russian…
    The second half got me more Ritsu so I won’t complain. Anything that gives me more Ritsu is good.

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