Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 Episode 12: Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part I

In this episode, our focus are on the enemies and less on our heroes. Most of the episode is focused on Hol Horse, who has come back into the fray, and even little Mondatta. And after a long time, we finally get some time to Dio as well, and learn a few things about him.

jjba12.4I don’t get why they keep covering Dio’s face when we already know what he looks like. I mean, it’s just his body’s that changed, not his face? Well, Hol Horse comes into Dio’s hideout to give his report of the current situation, only a few Stand users are left to take out our boys. Dio doesn’t really care all that much, and asks when Hol Horse will actually fight them since last time he didn’t really do that. Dio can’t confront the boys just yet since his body hasn’t become fully his yet. The left side of his body is weaker than the right, so he’s not prepared for a fight. Ahh, just remembering that he’s using Jonathan’s body now just…gets me riled up. Jonathan deserved better.

Hol Horse doesn’t want to abide by his orders, and he tries killing Dio, but Dio suddenly sneaks up behind him and scares him. Yeah, bad idea. Since I’ve come across spoilers, I think I know what Dio did to get behind Hol Horse without making a sound.

jjba12.15Hol Horse takes a plane to Cairo, carrying a suitcase with him. He gets into a taxi and opens up the case to uncover a tied up, gagged, and scared Mondatta. Due to getting blown up by a bomb, Mondatta’s older brother still needs to stay in the hospital for another month. But hearing about the rumors of Thoth being able to predict the near future, Hol Horse took it upon himself to basically force Mondatta to team up with him to take out Jotaro and the boys. Mondatta complies, and then proceeds to vomit all over him because of being air sick. He must be a very small boy to fit in that suitcase honestly.

But poor little Mondatta is afraid of Hol Horse. The only person he’s comfortable being around is his brother, so right when they get out of the taxi Mondatta hides underneath a tiny tree. Which is hilarious and cute because not too far away from them was a bigger tree he could have climbed and hid in. But since he wants to get revenge for his brother, he’ll have to set his fear aside and work with Hol Horse. At first, Hol Horse is a little skeptical about Mondatta’s Stand, but after a really weird situation with a scorpion on a woman, he believes and is confident.


Jotaro and the others are finally in Cairo, and they’re asking around for the building Dio’s hiding in. A carpenter thinks it’s somewhere in the south because that’s where the older buildings are, but they’re actually extremely close to it. Joseph calls Japan, and finds out that Holly’s condition has worsened again, and probably has only 3-4 days left to live. Both Joseph and Jotaro look devastated, but they won’t give up. They need to hustle.

Hiding behind a building near them, Hol Horse and Mondatta (who’s hiding under a crate) argue about what appeared in Mondatta’s comic. One way or another, Hol Horse sticks his fingers up Polnareff’s nose so he can get a chance to kill him and the others. But Hol Horse thinks it’s gross and stupid, but Mondatta presses on that his predictions are 100% true.


Mad that he can’t just use his Emperor, he drops his guard and doesn’t even notice that Polnareff snuck up behind him and pinned him against the wall with Chariot. Polnareff knows that he must be teamed up with someone to know their exact location and everything, and he notices the crate near them. Mondatta hid under it when Polnareff showed up, his both his comic book and fingers are sticking out, and Polnareff notices. Before he could do anything though, Hol Horse sticks his fingers up his nose. But…he doesn’t know what that “chance” that Mondatta mentioned is and when it’s gonna show up, so they’re both awkwardly standing there, fingers in nose.

We never really get to focus a whole episode on the villains, so this was new. It was a pretty fun episode, also pretty funny too. Mondatta’s cute antics with his fear towards Hol Horse was a plus. Also that ending! I didn’t think we would hear Hol Horse singing, and the new rendition of the song was pretty good, though I still like the brother’s version better. With the news that Holly only has a few more days left to live, I really hope the boys find Dio fast. Maybe they can beat Dio’s location out of Hol Horse or Mondatta, though I would prefer that they wouldn’t beat up a child.


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2 Responses

  1. monsterenvy says:

    Should be noted that Hol Horse’s meeting with DIO took place before the battle with D’Arby. Which is why he said there were 3 god stands left.

    • Berry says:

      That’s what I thought, since I was sure there were only 2 more left after D’Arby. But since Mondatta is at it again, isn’t it 3 God Stands again?

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