The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Episode 10

The awkward moment is when I am entertained more by the Producer than the girls who are in the spotlight. His everyday mishaps of misunderstandings it both pitiful and funny to watch. He is an awkward duck whose expression makes one think he’s a sinister person, (oh man I couldn’t stop saying Poor Producer, how many times has he been pulled aside by the police already?) But other than that, to be honest with you, much like last week’s episode, I couldn’t wait for this one to be over. With the exception of the last seven minutes, it was SO boring to watch, and did nothing to make me like the characters- which continues to be the biggest problem with this series. It certainly didn’t help that I was never fond of the trio to begin with, and while they had some sweet moments together, my feelings towards them remains neutral and that is it, nothing more. I can’t connect with them, I can’t feel for them, they feel flat to me. These type of episodes are where they are given the opportunity to grow and be fleshed out, but for some odd reason, they seem to be having difficulty accomplishing that.
This is precisely why I was SO relived to hear that this series is going to be split into a two cours. With only three episodes to go, my hope is that the second cour will have more drama and emotions to make me care more about the characters. Better yet, it allows us to start off fresh again after this disappointing first cour.
Unfortunately this is all I have to say this week because of how little I cared for it. It is difficult to elaborate when all what had happened was, promotion for clothing, go around eating and taking pictures, Producer gets pulled aside by the police, girls think he’s lost, Mika is panicking after Rika’s call gets off cut and so wild goose chase ensues.
Hopefully next week’s episode will be stronger and more entertaining watch!


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    You did get one with Mika in it though, so fair play. It was a cute episode, though I remember saying last week that I couldn’t stand Kirari and that hasn’t changed. I laughed a couple of times, like when Producer was stopped by the police again and when Miria mistook a random guy in a suit for him. I always thought Kirari would end up forming a unit with Anzu, but I guess they wouldn’t be a good fit on stage.
    They’ll probably get through all of the debuts by the end of the season, with the real plot starting in the second half.

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