Denpa Kyoushi Episode 3 (Chasing After Nothing)

So remember last episode where Kagami was framed for sexually assaulting a student and then was redeemed in the eyes of the students but had to leave his job anyway? Yeah well, if you’re hoping for ANY of that kind of plot heaviness this episode, You have unfortunately come to the wrong place, as 10 of the 19 minutes are delegated to “searching for kagami”. I’m not even joking. But enough of that, lets go ahead and just do this.

So the episode starts off at the exact moment the last one left off. the chairperson asks Kagami if he wants to be a teacher at her school. He asks why him and she responds with because he’s amusing. She says she’ll stop by at his house the next day for an answer.

Remember when I tried to recruit you by framing you with sexual assault of a minor? Good times.. good times.

Remember when I tried to recruit you by framing you for sexual assault of a minor? Good times.. good times.

When he gets home we find out that the school that she works for actually has two locations. The normal school and the super special awesome scary school which is more than likely the school from Kill La Kill.

Well, either that or the school from Utena...

Well, either that or the school from Utena…

And the sister actually happens to attend the normal one.

So the next day comes around and surprise surprise Kagami ran off to go do otaku stuff in Akihabara, leaving the chairperson standing there.

Okay, there are a few things we could do here.

Option 1. Wait around until he eventually returns and talk to him then.

Option 2. Have the sister call him on his cell and threaten to destroy all of his anime collectibles if he does not return immediately.

Option 3. Use your connections with the police force to track him with security cameras, send in around 10 agents to track him down locking down part of the city, and use a helicopter to get to Akihabara and follow him in a truck with several tech operators using radar and satellites.


Ah. of course. Because….Sure. Why not.

See, i’m all for anime using crazy elaborate setups. I can believe that a post apocalyptic world can build a giant mech to fight monsters. I can believe that goddesses have telephone numbers where they’ll grant good hearted people a wish.

But you cannot tell me that this chairperson girl has the authority to send all these stuff, and employ all these people to track down this guy that was going to come home in a few hours eventually anyway. She literally tells us how she has TWO HUNDRED agents looking for him. That’s TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE. Are you even joking? That’s overkill to the ridiculous standard. I just…there is not point to this.

All she does is wave her giant “look how much power and money i have” dick around. And because of this, we’re “Treated” (notice i used quotes here) to her chasing him down all over Akihabara for 10 minutes.

And it. is. BORING

it just keeps going


and going


and fucking going


If you’re still awake after all of this, eventually Kagami realizes what’s going on and hacks their systems shutting them off, seemingly having won.

Then his sister finds him getting a voice actor’s autograph and puts in him a bag.

Not a metaphorical bag, a literal one

Not a metaphorical bag, a literal one

Finally the plot picks up again (with around 2 minutes to go) and he’s dragged to the school where we’re introduced to the angry katana girl trope.

Seriously is it like a law that every anime taking place in a school MUST have an angry kendo girl?

Seriously is it like a law that every anime with a dude taking place in a school MUST have an angry kendo girl?

She states how he doesn’t want him being a teacher and he agrees since he doesn’t want to do it in the first place, but when a girl walks by with her stuff who was expelled, the kendo girl explains that it was because she had a part time job at a maid cafe and explains how maid cafes are terrible.

This pisses off Kagami and he agree to be their teacher and to show her a lesson.

And that’s where the episode ends.

See, I actually wanted to see more with the kendo girl and the maid thing. THAT’S interesting. Spending fucking 10 minutes trailing and chasing Kagami through Akihabara is BORING AS SHIT.

Seriously, I kept waiting for this chase to be over and the plot to continue but it seemingly never came. The chase was completely avoidable and all it did was kill time.

I like this show for the quirky approach it takes and how he deals with students. However for the first 5/6 of this episode they forgot that and made it a boring chase thing.

but here’s the weird thing. It wasn’t even like he was ACTIVELY running away most of the time. For the first half of this, he didn’t even know they were chasing him. That’s right. for a good 5 minutes it’s  JUST them tailing him. and that is really really boring.

wow. that's so interesting cause zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

wow. that’s so interesting because zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I don’t know what they were thinking with this episode. The cool part of the episode they are just going to talk about in the recap part next week so there was LITERALLY no point to this episode. It’s actually hard to talk about this episode because there’s NOTHING to talk about. They follow him, then chase him, then find him. The end. That’s. It.

Hopefully next episode will have him….you know…teaching. As you could tell, not a fan of this episode. If you want to watch this show, skip this episode. There is absolutely no need to watch this one.

Episode 3/10


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