Remember how I said there were things coming that I wasn’t emotionally prepared for? Well, this episode was the start of them. Well first, let’s go through Casters backstory with her master before Kazuki. WELL, hello there guy who is going to die. You’re an awful person and i’m glad you end up burning by the end of this episode.
So we see Medea with her first master, and we see him with his harem of women and technological alchemy lab that slaughters small children and turns them into crystals.
Because, going through effort for magic is for suckers.


Medea expresses her discomfort with his set up and demonstrates how easy it is for her to use magic. She urges him to shut the place down, he refuses and instead uses a command seal to command her to not use her Noble Phantasm on him. You fool, you should think about how you word things.
He goes to Kirei and expresses his displeasure with the servant he’s got and wishes to kill her and make a pact with another servant. Kirei says that there is no precedent for such a thing, but he suppose it would be possible since there were still three servants yet to be summoned.

So, leaving a letter for the ‘Master of Lancer’ giving the rights to kill Caster in the event he fails. Yeah, Master of Lancer….right, um, ABOUT THAT. er, well anyway. We return to the lab where Caster has destroyed it and set the children free.
He tries to command her to kill herself and she just starts laughing at him. She’s used Rule Breaker, her Noble Phantasm on herself. Severing her connection with him and making his command seals useless.
Maybe he should of worded it like ‘you aren’t allowed to use your Noble Phantasm.’


She then proceeds to use magic and kill him, of course, this leaves her without a master and gives her very little time left. So she finds herself out in the woods, lying there, waiting for the grail to re-claim her. When she is found by Kazuki, who takes her back to Ryuudo temple and listens to her story. Then offers her to make a pact with her.
We cut back to current day where she is determined to get the grail.

Meanwhile, Shirou and Rin agree that the only chance they have against Caster is to make an alliance with Illiya. Since they don’t know who the Master of Lancer is and Berserker is Casters natural enemy anyway. So they must head to the Einzbern mansion to talk to her.
They enter the forest and they set off the burglar alarm, so Illiya knows they are coming. After a small spat with her maids, she commands them to go capture them and bring them back.
This would be easy, if it was not raining douchebags.


Through Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon, Shinji gets spat out onto the Einzberns roof. The maids go to kill him and then, suddenly, stupid sexy Gilgamesh. Showing up, killing Illiya’s maids. Being his stupid sexy self. So as he decapitates one of the maids. In comes Berserker and we are left with the promise of an epic battle of Legend, NEXT EPISODE!


AH, this episode is so good, of course there were moments I felt that something was a little bit off. I knew the story of Medea’s master a little bit differently than the way it was animated. The way I knew it was that she tricked her old Master into thinking command seals were worthless and tricked him into using them for frivolous things.
Oh well, even if it was changed a little that doesn’t really matter. You get the point that he was actual human garbage and deserved to die and already, in five minutes of meeting her. Kazuki is better to her. I ship this couple so much! I heard it’s written somewhere that they have intercourse at some point and I am SO okay with that.

Illya just broke my heart, when she talked about her Mom at the house. How she’s just the most precious thing EVER. if you know anything about this route, your heart is clenching in fear and you’re going ‘NO’ over and over in your head. I can’t wait for this battle, it’s going to be super epic. Gilgamesh vs Berserker…FIGHT!


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  1. TheVoid

    Nice to see that there’s still some of whatever shred of decency Gil has left in there this episode. He offered the maids a chance to escape even if he knows they won’t back down, and ends their life with his own hands instead of just spamming GoB, which is the method he uses on people he considers mongrels unworthy of effort.

    I like how Shinji is just a joke during the entire thing and that Rin got mad the moment she set off one of Illya’s traps.

  2. Farray

    So, leaving a letter for the ‘Master of Lancer’ giving the rights to kill Caster in the event he fails. Yeah, Master of Lancer….right, um, ABOUT THAT

    Actually, at that point, if ufotable considered Fate/hollow ataraxia facts, “she” must have been still alive at that time and accepted that offer. Bastard Master, (okay, his name is Atram) always referred to a “she”. Well, it doesn’t really matter if they changed it, because her role is irrelevant.

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