GITS: Arise – Alternative Architecture: Ep 1 [ First Impression ]

Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture. Wow, say that 6 times fast. This is a show I’ve been waiting on in hopes of having an easier bite to chew in reference to the movies. Unfortunately what I got feels much less like a pill I can easily swallow and more like a slight snooze fest. As a fan of the show I am used to slightly less exciting moments and in return I usually feel exhilarated and mentally challenged. But this? Well, it was an interesting watch.

[HorribleSubs] Ghost in the Shell Arise - Alternative Architecture - 01 [720p].mkv_20150409_145651

I guess the problem with all of this is the implication of what you need to know. As someone who follows the series I know the things I need to know, but I hate shows that make it a point not to inform. I hated it in Personal 4 Golden’s anime and I’m kind of miffed with it now. The OVA movies did a much more appropriate job I feel of easing you into the story while still keeping you engaged. Right away in AA we see that they’re on a big mission to prove themselves to become a squad. What emotional context does that have for new viewers? A prequel should always give information new to both new and old viewers.

[HorribleSubs] Ghost in the Shell Arise - Alternative Architecture - 01 [720p].mkv_20150409_145831

The one thing this show does very very right is how it really plays up the action and suspense. What are Motoko and Batou’s goals other than to simply have their own freedoms to do whatever they want? Still, it says a lot. I was engaged in the times when the action was happening, but again I found myself frustrated when they would use terminology that newer fans might not be able to get. The use of the term ‘ghost’ in particular wasn’t the best. It’s just mildly frustrating to watch.

[HorribleSubs] Ghost in the Shell Arise - Alternative Architecture - 01 [720p].mkv_20150409_151657

The episode has a good mystery. It also makes me feel sleepy. It’s got some really funny moments! It was also hard to keep watching. The art went up and down, the music was alright, and my interest was slightly piqued. It’s the kind of show you can only watch when you’re in the mood to watch because you have to, not really something I am dying to watch or eager to enjoy. I think I probably won’t cover it if only for that reason, the show gives the feeling of a resounding. . meh. First impression? We’ll see.

Possibility of Watching: Moderate

Possibility of Blogging: Low



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