Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 Episode 13: Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part II

This show is always so entertaining. It’s hilarious, cool, ridiculous, and loads of fun, and I can’t say that enough each week. The Hol Horse and Mondatta team was actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be, and I’m a little sad to see them mess up. I think this time, we definitely won’t be seeing them anymore.


Poor baby. Maybe you’ll be treated better in the future.

As you can guess already, following the pattern of this series, you know our main group makes it out okay. Mondatta’s prediction was sort of right in a way, but of course it goes wrong for our villains. But even though we knew what was gonna happen (sort of), it was still very entertaining to watch.

jjba13.11Once Jotaro and the men walk up to Polnareff, asking what’s happened, all we see is Polnareff casually leaning on a wall and smiling. But behind him Hol Horse has his Stand pointed at him. Polnareff acts like everything’s fine, saying no one was following them, but he’s trying to signal to the guys that someone’s behind him, but pointing with his tongue which was really stupid and funny. Avdol says aloud there must be someone behind, and right when Hol Horse is about to shoot him, Polnareff sneezes, and Hol Horse trips and smacks into some vases, spilling some sort of liquid. The guys are about to kick his ass, until the same men that Hol Horse beat up at the airport are driving and try to run him over. But the car’s tires swerve when making contact with the yellow liquid on the ground, and they miss Hol Horse altogether and instead smash into Jotaro and the others, proving that Mondatta’s prediction came true.

The next prediction is that out of everyone, Jotaro is the only one to awaken from the crash. Next, Hol Horse will pay some guys working on the pipeline to open one of the pipes or something, so he can shoot some bullets in, so they can shoot and kill Jotaro. But he has to shoot his bullets into the pipes at noon sharp. I was about to point out at the bullshit of bullets going through pipes, but then I remember this is his Stand, so I just stopped. Anyway, Hol Horse trying to rush the guys to open the pipes was really funny. And oh my god when Mondatta took out the coin purse and tripped, spilling all the coins, Hol Horse hopping around, it was all so cute and hilarious, this was probably the best part of the episode.


So when his watch hits noon, the pipes are open and he shoots his bullets. Jotaro is standing right in front of the pipe where the bullets are supposed to shoot out from, checking up on the others. He’s standing right in front when helping Polnareff up. And right when we think the bullets are going to go through Jotaro’s head, Polnareff sneezes again, but this time on Jotaro’s face (gross…), he leans back, and the bullets totally miss and shoot into the sky. Instead, they fly around and instead shoot Hol Horse, without him seeing because he was checking the comic for another prediction.

jjba13.34And technically, “Jotaro” really did get shot. It was actually the drawing of Jotaro in the comic that got shot, so…the prediction was kinda right. Again, Jotaro is super lucky to not get killed. While Hol Horse is being taken to the hospital, Mondatta is left behind and thinks how amazing and lucky Jotaro is. He thinks he deserves to face off against Dio, and so Mondatta turns a new leaf. He looks up into the sky, with a proud smile on his face. He thinks revenge is stupid, and that he and his brother should just forget about Jotaro and the others. Instead of bringing people pain and misfortune with his predictions, he should instead use them to help people! He swears he’ll become more confident, stop being scared and hiding from people, and to grow up. To finish, he kicks the crate that he was hiding under before, but notices that he accidentally hit a dog. He goes over and apologizes to it, only to realize it’s fucking Iggy. And we all know how much he hates people, so he attacks Mondatta, sending him to the hospital…again.

Poor Mondatta! He deserved much better than that. I hope he keeps that attitude when he gets better, but he even narrates that he becomes all depressed again. Stupid Iggy! Poor child, I was really proud of him too, and Iggy just had to ruin everything. Dammit. And finally, next week Iggy is going to have his own episode! This is what I wanted to see since he was introduced, because so far he’s been useless and shitty. I can’t wait for next week!


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