Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 26: Death of a Clown

“It’s fine to drop that poker face. If you’re in pain.”

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A clown is dead! Hooray! This is the first time they’ve sustained a casualty, right? Please make the next one Roma, she needs to quickly die. As Hirako is occupying Uta’s attention, Roma is one wrecking the most havoc on the CCG members, and that grin really pisses me off for some reason. Uta is a douche too, but he doesn’t deserve to die here, or to a Hirako who I’m sure is suffering deep down. It’s not the right stage for someone as significant as Uta to go.

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But overall, it was a fairly static chapter – in terms of new events, that is. The bulk of it was a continuation of the current fights all throughout the auction building, with nothing on Akira vs Ayato and Haise vs Takizawa. Dammit, I was looking forward to those so much! And it doesn’t look like there’ll be any next week either, as I think the focus will be on Nutcracker and poor Shirazu. He’s the most amiable of the Quinx Squad, and to me he’s the one who least deserves to suffer or get hurt. As for Mutsuki and Saiko, I’m more afraid that they’ll die if they take a hit like that instead of anything else. That just leaves Urie – and I’ve expressed my dislike of him before. Surprisingly, they’re not having too many problems – perhaps Urie really has gotten a lot stronger now that he’s been given his upgrades. It’s either that or Juuzou’s presence, and I still don’t like how he’s essentially being ungrateful at the fact that Juuzou is there to (more or less) save his life.

Finally, I’m liking the overall updates we’re getting at the end of each chapter. It gets hard to keep up with who’s fighting who and how close they are to each other, so it’s really helpful!

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0 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 26: Death of a Clown

  1. I thought the chapter was pretty enjoyable for watching Takeomi take down a Clown with his bare hands. Even Uta was amazed by the beauty of it enough that he got stabbed.

    And least he isn’t Urine.

    1. Typical of Uta to just stand there and watch his fellow Clown die because it’s entertaining. A pity it won’t be more than a minor wound, although hopefully it gives Hirako the chance to pull those knives out of his arm.

  2. I thought it was an incredibly neat detail that some humans could rival a Ghoul’s strength! Of course, part of this is because I’ve not forgotten part of the reason why Touka wanted to attend such a challenging university: to find the connection between Ghouls and Humans – minus the “good” doctor’s experiments. I wonder if she will make any progress in that field, especially since she has herself, a Ghoul, to take samples for study from. Granted it make take way more years of research than the story has left in it. We’ll see!

    1. It’s a great advantage for the CCG. I think the only other dove who’s been shown to have high physical ability is Amon (8000+ pushups!) which is why he gets given all the heavy koukaku quinques.

      Also I wonder if Touka even went to university. We have no idea if she’s working at :re full-time or part-time!

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