Assassination Classroom Episode 19: Pandemonium Time

The team of students carefully make their plan and they infiltrate the building.

After months of training, you can notice just how much the students have changed. They were all easily able to climb up the mountain because Karasuma made them climb the mountain at school. Once Ritsu showed them the only route into the building they could take, they set out to move. There was a tiny problem in the beginning with many guards blocking their way, but with Irina’s skills of seduction, she distracted all the men by playing a beautiful piece on the piano, which then led the group to pass on by upstairs without being noticed.

The groups reach the part of the building where they can act normally, pretending to be guests. They have a little skirmish with a seemingly normal man who happens to be the assassin that slipped the virus into their drinks. Little mushroom head (whose name I don’t know) figures it out, thanking wonderful shonen manga while also shamelessly leaving a Nougami Neuro reference.

The man had gassed Karasuma which would paralyze him, but he managed to beat the guy up anyway. Resisting the poison, he’s still able to walk albeit with a student’s help.

The man’s name is Smog, who works with other assassins we soon meet. One guy, makes a tasty looking ramen bowl, but only…”eats” it by dipping in his gun and slurping the juices from his gun. It’s freaky and weird. He’s there talking with the man that spoke to Karasuma on the phone, his voice still distorted and his face remaining hidden. It’s then we’re introduced to the third man that is part of the group, a man named Grip. So far their names really match their assassination tactics. Smog uses gas, and this guy named Grip uses his bare hands to kill. The students come across him and he underestimates the students, looking down on them because he doesn’t have to want to bother killing a bunch of children. Karma, being the awesome guy he is, grabs a big plant and smashes the walkie talkie into the window, and challenges him.

Karma doesn’t want to be taken lightly, and so next episode we’ll be getting the treat of seeing Karma really fight against a real assassin. That should be amazing. But really, I’m amazed with all of the students. Easily climbing up the mountain, blocking off the exits and getting into fighting stances, the students have really changed. They don’t freak out when under potential danger and instead ready themselves for it. They remember everything from their training and are set to fight if need to. It’s really cool. Hopefully by next week, we’ll finally discover who the bad guys are and what connection they have to Koro-sensei.


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  1. I.D. nameless says:

    My favourite momment was Nagisa spinning Korosensei around, wish he kept doing that a little longer.
    They keep the bad guy hidden, and I didn’t think much about it in the manga (black & white static images) but here he really looks out of place when they show him.
    Btw, care to hazard a guess as to whom he is?

    • I.D. nameless says:

      So no guess? Well, that’s understandable, since it’s spoiler territory and all that.

      • Berry says:

        The fact that you’re asking me this means that it has to be a character we’ve seen already? If not, then…I don’t know. I’ve actually been thinking about this but I just can’t think of anyone.

        • I.D. nameless says:

          Well, yeah, it’s a returning character. I was surprised to see people that were claiming to be anime-only viewers guess correctly who he was after episode 18 aired, so I figured I might ask here (since it’s the only place were I actually post, not only read). In cases like this, when they already showed us who all the other bad guys are, keeping him hidden most likely means they want a “OMFG, YOU!!” moment.

          • Berry says:

            Okay well after thinking about it more, I’m gonna guess that the big baddie is that scary teacher, Takaoka. I did think it was weird for him to specifically call out the two smallest people in the class, and Nagisa just so happens to be one of them. And Takaoka must hold a grudge against Nagisa after what happened.

            Plus, he had no problem hurting the children, so I’m calling it right now!

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