Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 6

DanMachi Ep 6 Img 0018Man, this episode was a tearjerker. It is incredibly really because you know, Lily did some bad stuff despite how kind Bell has been treating her, and yet here I was with tears in my eyes when I saw her being beaten and left for the dead. It was just so horrible, it gave us a better understanding of why she was so desperate to get out of the Soma Familia, which required her to pay for her departure. But of course that doesn’t excuse her for pushing him to go to the tenth floor and then leave freaking monster lures (which attracts a mob of monsters) after stripping Bell of all his weapons. That particular scene made be very mad. Bell may have very well been a goner had Eina not asked Aiz to watch over him, knowing his supporter is not trustworthy…

DanMachi Ep 6 Img 0030But the beautiful part about all of this is how despite being betrayed by Lily, Bell still comes back to save her. And that is exactly what she has been missing from her life. Lily has a legitimate reason for despising Adventurers. In this series, a being a Support is a thankless job, and suffers from major discrimination and endless abuse. She barely had any money to scrap by, she had to become a Support after her parents went into the dungeons in attempt to make some cash, but died. She had no one but herself to depend on. She did have a sense of security at one point of time when she was trying to hide, but then the Adventurers from her Familia destroyed everything and she was thrown out. This episode just proved how the Soma Familia’s Adventurers are better off described as goons from a Mafia (or actually an alcoholic drug mafia because the perfect alcohol they brew are so addictive, they can’t get enough of it, and it costs a fortune just for a portion of it). I mean Lily had to freaking pay to leave the place. It’s horrible how she got stuck in such a messed up place, so I am really hoping that by next week, we will hear that Lily has joined the Hestia Familia. I don’t want her to be alone and neither does Bell. In fact today, when Bell had asks Hestia if Lily could stay with them for the time being because of dangerous people, Hestia declined by being on guard telling him that is sounds like his support is a shady person. But she still left the decision up to Bell, to whether or not to continue to work with her because she knows what type of person Bell is. Since Lily has confessed all of her sins and apologized for her cruelty and dishonesty, she can finally start fresh again and so now I think Hestia would be willing to accept her into their Familia.

And that isn’t the only thing I am hoping for next week!
Since Aiz has found Bell’s arm-guard (gift from Eina), now she has a reason to approach him! Aiz is so cute because when Eina was thanking her for saving Bell from the Minosaur, Aiz’s first concern was the idea of Bell being afraid of her, so when Eina told her it was the exact opposite, Aiz was so relieved. I think she likes Bell as an individual despite not really knowing him that well, so I really look forward to seeing the two actually have a conversation- that is if they even can without someone growing flustered!

DanMachi Ep 6 Img 0025Seriously, someone give Bell the Best Guy award. He is such a sweetheart, can I keep him? He has such a big heart, being someone who was and still considers himself somewhat weak and taken into the arms of the Hestia Familia when one else would accept him, he wants to be able to do the same for others, in this case for Lily. He knew there were truths in her words, and there was more to the story, reasons for her actions and that she was in some sort of trouble. He didn’t give up on her, and he accepts her and along with the betrayal and mistakes she made. The last part when he found her sitting by the fountain, waiting to find an Adventurer, the way he called her up and asked her to be his support, ugh so freaking adorable, MY EMOTIONS! But the most precious moment of all was him telling her, he saved her because it was her, he wanted to and he didn’t want her to leave. He said all the things Lily has been so longing to hear.


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  1. I hope someone kills those… persons… who treated Lily like that. It’s clear that they and people like them are truly the ones responsible for her misbehavior. She’s just taking any chance she can get to strike back at her tormentors.
    I also hope Hestia takes Liiy in. Whether Hestia sees Lily as competition for Bell or not, the fact is that Lily needs that same outstretched hand that Hestia extended to Bell back when no one else would take him in. A place and a family that will accept her no matter who or what she is.

    1. Yeah they need to be put in their place. D:< Preferably Dungeon Monsters. Or the Killer Ants... My preference would like to see Lily be treated like a sibling/new family member if she joins the Hestia Familia. She has been neglected from the love and care for too long, I just want her to be in a happy safe place with Hestia and Bell. ; v ;

  2. The novels give a bit more detail on the Soma Familia’s structure.
    Soma’s around, but he’s completely obsessed with wine-brewing with little interest in anything else (Loki gives the impression of him being like a shut-in, wine-brewing otaku).
    Apart from his “money for drinks” policy to fund his hobby, he leaves the Familia to its own devices and never gets involved. Hence the awful situation.
    Also, the deities have a Divine Accord making it illegal to simply march into other Familias demanding they fix themselves up. Such an act is seen as a declaration of war.

    1. I’m only a quarter through the second volume (I was hoping to finish it before today, but I ran out of time LMAO, such a slow reader!), but it’s too bad they left out those particular details about the Soma Famila in the anime because it’s important to highlight his lack of involvement. Actually it’s a bit shocking why he had bothered to make a Familia at all, but it certainly shows the consequences of when the bad adventurers are not monitored. It’s understandable they are making the cuts since this is only going to be 13 episodes, but it is still a shame.

  3. Am I the only one who’s really annoyed at this episode? I don’t mind Bell saving the life of someone who betrayed him and left him for dead, but they couldn’t come up with a better reason than “because you’re a girl” and a better resolution than a big “I’m sorry” from Lili?
    Let’s think of it this way: If Liliruca was a male supporter, would he still be alive?

    1. I think the phrase they had Bell say, “Because you’re a girl” is more to be considered as a joke (though it depends whether or not the individual likes that joke)., but after Lily took a fit about the comment (rightfully so), he said the right thing, “I wanted to save you because you are you. I didn’t want you to leave because you’re you. I didn’t need another reason to save you.” which I know comes from the heart because that’s the kind of character Bell is. It was important to him to help Lily because he wants to be able to do what Hestia did for him, giving him a chance.
      //Let’s think of it this way: If Liliruca was a male supporter, would he still be alive?//
      Yes, absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind that Bell would have saved Lily if she were a male supporter.

      1. I definitely agree. While it would have been more difficult for a male supporter to have reached that point in the first place (Lily leveraged the “after touching me in such a precious place you should take responsibility” line, after all, which I doubt a male could pull off), once Bell had gotten to the point of seeing himself in them: a person who needed help, needed someone to reach out to them and give them a chance; he would have been just as determined to help them and would have saved them just the same as he did Lily.

      2. “I wanted to save you because you are you. I didn’t want you to leave because you’re you. ”
        How does that make sense? Bell doesn’t know anything about Lili’s life. From his point of view, she’s a shady stranger that steals his prized possessions and leaves him to die.

        1. No, that is not the point of view Bell expressed in the episode. That is YOUR point of view on what his point of view should be. Bell told Hestia how he viewed Lily, and why he was not going to abandon her even though he had reason to believe she had done something bad to him.

        2. He doesn’t have to know a thing about Lili’s life. I think you completely missed the message. Bell is a kind-hearted person who just wants to help people out. He’s saying that he wanted to save her because she’s her. Not because she’s a girl, or because he wanted revenge, he liked how she looked, or he pitied her. It was because she was her. Those words mean a lot to someone who is going through a hard time. Lili thought that she didn’t matter, that she should die and was worthless. Those words of affirmation showed her that she was special, she deserved to live regardless of her sins, and that someone out there did care about her. That she did matter. I can’t explain it well enough without accidentally started to get super preachy (It reminded me of how God loves everyone regardless of what they’ve done because we’re his children and he loves us because we are us and he created us and blah blah…), but that’s the jist of it. And like Wanderer said, that’s your point of view darling, not his. To Bell, Lili is Lili. She’s special, not just some random stranger. Because he saw her be kind to her, and he saw her struggle, so he knew that even if she made mistakes she was still a good person deep down so he wanted to help he, even if she would betray him.

  4. Lili’s backstory made her sympathetic and her motives understandable. Watching her get beaten was disturbing, however she deserved it and worse.
    She’d been cheating Bell,outright tried to steal from him by taking Hestia’s knife and then attemted to lure Bell to his death and almost succeed.
    Had I been in his position,I’d have saved Lili from the ants just so that I could have killed her myself.

    1. She tried simply to steal from him and leave It didn’t work out. After seeing him talking with that other adventurer she believed he intended to do to her something similar to what she did to him, but more fatal. Keep in mind, she didn’t actually leave him helpless or disarmed: she gave him a good weapon so that he’d still be able to fight once she’d taken what she was after. She didn’t want him dead, which is better than she believed he wanted of her. The fact that she’s wrong, and WE know she’s wrong, doesn’t change the fact that it’s what SHE believed. She was convinced that he had learned everything about her, and would either try to kill her, or leave her to die.
      She is a tragic figure, but not an evil one. Your reaction is almost exactly the reaction that one adventurer (who ended up dying to the ants) had against her. You may want to think about that. Is that really the sort of person you would want to be?

      1. Assuming that the Manga is truer to the Light Novel than the Anime then the degree of betrayal has been down played;because in the manga she shot Bell in the leg.
        Either way Lili lead Bell into a situation which she expected him not to survive and stripped him of one thing that would have would have given him a chance;and without Aizu Wallenstein’s intervention he would have been killed.
        When Lili first stole Hestia’s Knife she only returned it due to a thinly veiled threat.
        Lili’s action where motivated by bitterness and spite,rather than evil, leading her to attempt a preemptive strike. However barring the afore mentioned outside intervention Bell would still have died.
        A sympathetic backstory dose not excuse attempted murder neither dose being female and vulnerable. Had I been in Bell’s position, left in a deadly situation by someone that i had come to care about and rely upon. After escaping that situation my thoughts would have been,hunting down the traitor.

        1. “Assuming that the Manga is truer to the Light Novel than the Anime”
          That is a pretty big assumption, and is rarely the case with these sort of adaptations.
          “Either way Lili lead Bell into a situation which she expected him not to survive”
          Does not agree with her own words.
          “and stripped him of one thing that would have would have given him a chance”
          After giving him a perfectly good weapon so that he wouldn’t, in fact, die.
          “Had I been in Bell’s position, left in a deadly situation by someone that i had come to care about and rely upon. After escaping that situation my thoughts would have been,hunting down the traitor.”
          Well, clearly you are not Bell. You have completely failed to understand why he chose to go back into the dungeon with her despite being told by people he trusts (and people he BELIEVED) that Lily was up to no good, had already stolen from him, and would probably try to bring him to harm. He did not care about that, because he was looking at a much deeper level than the mere surface that you are choosing to obsess over.

          1. I guess I’m one of the few people on the internet that sees Lili as being in the wrong.
            Lili only gave Bell a new weapon because she was conning him into exposing the Hestia Knife. She even suggested that Bell put the Knife into a location that she would find easier to pilfer;which she proceeds to do.
            Before trying to lead Bell to his death,Lili had been cheating him out of his hard earned money.
            Bell continuities to go into the dungeon with her despite the warnings,which are all true, that there is something suspect about her. Because that is who Bell is, he is simple minded,naive, but also earnest,pure of heart and sees the best in people;which in his case proved right.
            I stand by my decision,me having been lead into a deadly situation by my Supporter who then also stole my greatest weapon. Upon surviving the trap my thoughts would have turned to hunting down that former Supporter.

            1. You’re still treating this as if Bell was being tricked by Lily. He wasn’t. It’s true that he didn’t know WHAT she was going to do, specifically, but his discussion with Hestia makes it pretty clear he believed her when she told him that Lily was up to no good and had probably stolen his knife before. He isn’t one of those stupid characters who places his absolute trust in someone he’s just met over his faith in people he’s known and trusted for a long time. He believed the warnings he was given. They simply DIDN’T MATTER because he had already decided he was going to help Lily no matter what she had done or was going to do to him.

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