Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 9

In this week’s episode, there are a number of special things that had happened. The first would be Bell finally gaining an Adventurer title since he has leveled up to Level 2. Precious Bell was so excited for his first title, he had all sorts of dramatic, epic names, but much to his disappointment, Hestia had (proudly) managed to snag him a ‘normal’ title: Little Rookie.
DanMachi Ep 9 Img 0021As result of his dramatic level up, as expected- he has become the talk around town. Everyone knows of the Little Rookie who had leveled up to Level 2 in just a month and a half, fastest on record! And it only gets better from here! The next exciting development is obtaining a Skill, another aspect of being an Adventurer Bell had been eagerly waiting for. His new skill is called: Argonaut. This skill reflects his aspiration of wanting to be a hero. Without a doubt this is a unique skill, and I do like how these skills they develop are not just average skills we hear all the time, instead it appears to be based off the Adventurer’s aspirations. Of course, to be fair: this skill, is kind of OP. Truthfully speaking I am a bit on the fence about it, but I was extremely amused with the effects of how it just one-shot a Baby Dragon (didn’t look like anything like a baby though!) which had sent Adventurers running knowing they wouldn’t be able to face it. (It appears to be an uncommon 11th Floor monster). The reason why Bell was able to One-Shot it much to his bewilderment, was because Lili was too close and wasn’t going to be able to escape the dragon, so Bell in attempt to save her was merely trying to divert it but once he sent a fireball: BAM gone.
And finally last but not least, meeting Crozzo Welf. As we had already known, he is blacksmith who made Bell’s most recent armor. It was a funny encounter since Bell was searching for some new ones to upgrade to, but couldn’t find them anywhere in the store and viola, there was Welf complaining at the counter about his products not being on display and being angry about it being shoved into a dark corner. The two hit up and forged a contract and within the agreement, Welf is now apart of Bell’s party.

DanMachi Ep 9 Img 0028Now who is Crozzo Welf? Well let me tell you: he is an awesome guy, calm personality, not in your face, deep character. I love him already! Welf is a charming guy who is very serious about his work. His family were formerly known as renowned Blacksmiths, famous for forging Magic Items. But suddenly they had lost their abilities and fallen from fame. Welf is the only one in his family who is able to produce Magic weapons, but to the public’s surprise, he chooses not to. He had grown sick of those asking him to make them magic weapons so that they (the Adventurer) can quickly become strong and famous. In Welf’s mind, that’s not what a weapons hould be. His philosophy is: A weapon is a part of the wielder. Magic weapons shatter and leave their wielder behind. And I find that really deep and I have to say, impressive. Because it is true, magic weapons have limited use, and if an Adventurer who thinks they are strong relies on the magic weapon too much, if the magic weapon shatters when they need it most- it is just as Welf describes it, the weapon abandoned their wielder. While regular weapons are not invincible either, they do have better durability- only if they are up against the level they are fit to be used against. Bell’s dagger for both cases against the Dungeon Monster was shattered, except for his special Hestia knife. I suppose we could interpret the Hestia Knife has an”enchantment” (unless said otherwise in the novel) rather than actual magic since it’s meant to grow stronger with him.

It was awesome to see Welf offer to make Bell a new weapon with the Minosaur dropping he had kept as a souvenir. The material was high enough quality to make a dagger Welf is most proud of to date. It is very special for Bell to have a weapon made from the Minosaur horn because it is symbolic in its own way of his development and growth. On that note I would also like to mention it was a pleasure to see Bell happy to see how he is making positive progress and one step closer to reaching Aiz’s level.

I can’t tell you how much I already adore our new party. The dynamic with Bell, Lili and Welf as a team, all from different Familias is a beautiful thing to watch. It is uncommon for those who are part of a Familia to party with outsiders, but this group is just special. They don’t care about it and already have such a great friendship growing. I loved how Lili was watching out for Bell, scolding him for being wavered by a sob story, only trying to look out for him. Welf though wasn’t bothered too much by Lili’s protectiveness, but he is a bit sadden by the lack of trust. It looks like though that trust has been more or less established since after the credits, we see the team reviewing their gameplan of what to expect and how to combat the 13th floor (which Ryu had explained: is a giant step because it becomes more difficult and is strongly recommended to be in a party when exploring that floor).DanMachi Ep 9 Img 0035


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  1. zztop says:

    LN readers say later episodes should cover Welf Crozzo’s family history. Suffice to say their greed and arrogance caused their poverty in the first place.

  2. Ushiwakamaru was such an exotic sounding name that I had to look it up. It’s really rather fitting! On one hand it was apparently the childhood name of a very famous swordsman, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. On the other hand, the characters that make it up reference an ox, which is close enough to a Minotaur I suppose, as well as maru meaning circle, like Bell’s victory coming full circle. I can’t forget about Mino-tan, that’s just as appropriate, haha! Ah, Welf, a master blacksmith and creative to boot! I’m even more curious as to the connection the OP implies he has with Hephaestus now!

    • Wanderer says:

      Eina explained that already a few episodes ago. That shop where he was selling his armor is where the low-ranking smiths in Hepaestus’ familia sell the equipment they make. Ergo, Welf is a member of the Hephaestus familia.

      • So that was it? I was hoping for something more, hmm, personal? Well, just something beyond the business.

        • Wanderer says:

          Well I don’t know, maybe there’s more than that, but that’s at least his basic connection. I can’t say for sure that he’s not special in some other way.

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