Ore Monogatari!! Episode 8 (My Sad Best Friend)

As this series goes on, I realize more and more that I really can’t say anything bad about this show. It’s so genuine and heartfelt, and I really don’t dislike any of the characters. They’re all fun and unique. Yes, even Suna, and that’s exactly what this episode is about. Suna. So let’s just start it up.

So the episode starts off with Takeo discussing birthdays with Yamato and he finds out that her birthday is in a few weeks. He of course, wants to give her the world, but she assures him that all she wants is to spend the whole day with him.

Still though, he feels that he needs to get her a gift for her birthday. Problem is, he doesn’t have any money, so he decides to get a part time job at a bar. And…um…I’m PRETTY sure it’s a gay bar.


Like I said….pretty sure.

Meanwhile Takeo has been noticing that Suna seems a bit out of sorts of his usual self. Yamato and Takeo them come to the conclusion that he must be lonely since the two of them got together and he’s by himself. To rectify this, they offer him to come along for Yamato’s birthday but he politely declines stating that not only would it ruin the date, but he has something to do.

After finding out that Takeo’s going to be a big brother, (His 40 year old mom’s having another kid…huh.) we do eventually learn that the reason Suna is busy is because that’s the day his father’s going to have surgery as he collapsed a few days ago. He didn’t tell Takeo because he didn’t want to worry him, and knew he’d overreact. Takeo tells him that he’ll cancel the date to be with him and his father, but Suna says how it won’t matter even if he’s there so he should just go on the date and have fun. The episode ends with Takeo telling him that he’ll do just that.

The longer this series goes on, the deeper of a character I begin to realize Suna is. At first you think he’s just a quiet type pretty boy, but the more time you spend with him, you realize that he is a good friend, albeit one who doesn’t like to bother people with his problems.


A lot of people would say that Takeo’s lucky to have a friend like Suna, but I really think Suna believes it’s the other way around. He doesn’t have the conviction, dedication, honesty, or drive that Takeo does, and I’m certain he spends a lot of time wondering if he even deserves to be Takeo’s friend. And honestly, this is very good writing.

I actually really don’t have any complaints except the for the fact that I wish he wasn’t so emotionally constipated, but I hope next episode will begin to rectify that.

This episode really showed the depths to which Takeo is Suna’s friend. He’s at first willing to share the birthday with his girlfriend, then flat out CANCEL it so he could be with his best friend when he needs him.

That's a good friend bro.
That’s a good friend bro.

I think Suna feels as if he’s a burden to Takeo. As if he only hangs around with him because he’s just that nice of a guy. What he doesn’t realize is that Takeo truly considers him not just a friend, but part of his family. He doesn’t pity him in any way, in fact, he idolizes him, which, ironically, Suna does the same thing to Takeo, only more subtle.

Yamato is as usual absolutely adorable. She doesn’t think twice about immediately asking Suna to join their date when she thinks he’s sad and really is a good sweet person.

d'aw....so sweet
d’aw….so sweet

The main three in this show just make you go “awwwww” for pretty much the entire way through. Still, I hope next episode fixes Suna’s sadness..and maybe realize he’s a good person too.

Episode 7.5/10


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