Owari no Seraph Ep 6 + A Look Into the Dub of Yu

Stupid freaking perfect vampire boyfriend. This episode of Owari no Seraph was perfect to finally set the stage of their weapons and can I just say thank goodness we are here now. The last 6 episodes have all definitely been setting the stage for the real plot and everything to unfold, and it’s strange to see a show so clearly put up the knowledge that half of it was a series of set up episodes in order to actually establish what was going on. I think the reason they did this was to actually give weight to all the characters but I’m in between on the execution.

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Ugh this episode was as scary as hell. There is nothing worse than new age anime that can actually convince you people are going to die. I don’t freakin believe anime openings anymore because of all the shit that’s been pulled on me but let me tell you, this episode I really felt like Yoichi would die. Oh my precious baby Yoichi, the apple of my eye, the nicest guy – that’s why he almost gets fucked. As much as all the demon hunters were like ‘a demon will take control of your rage’ demons actually only want to make contracts with someone who has a form of rage, it helps them understand them. Yoichi has almost zero, so he becomes possessed this episode.

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I really keep thinking that I won’t have feelings for the characters but I do. It really helps that this show has a very good set of things: ambience, animation, and acting. The music always sets the mood, the animation is always crisp and fluid, and the actors are absolutely amazing. There’s nothing about Seraph that doesn’t draw you in. From the opening until the credits I’m always locked into the show and feeling like there’s something awesome to see.

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To add onto it, Seraph of the End [the actual English title the show itself gives] is now a simulcast dub from Funimation. Because this post was a little late I think that warrants a little extra, and talking about the first episode dub makes me excited for this one. You see, this episode has some very important moments for Yu. Namely, he is a very rage filled individual but this episode he makes it clear he won’t ever sacrifice anyone he cares about. This means interesting things for the future certainly, as this means he likely cannot kill his beloved ‘friend’ Mika. But the first episode of the simulcast dub gives us something to think about: Can the English voice actor give him the justice he’ll need? The only episode that quite measures up in emotional scale is in fact the only one released: Episode 1. I used my Funimation subscription to judge it.

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Holy fuck. Who are you, you mysterious amazing person? Episode one of the simulcast means great things for Yu. His voice actor is absolutely spot on, completely perfect. Nothing about the English dub rings more true than who is playing the main character and- IT’S MICAH SOLUSID?  IS THAT HIM IN EPISODE 1??? Welp. Everyone, I have to give this guy some props. I don’t think anyone can quite pull off the role the way he does. The upcoming look at episode 6 in particular will be a great retrospective into the series once we reach that point in the subs. It looks like fans of subs and dubs can rejoice: Owari no Seraph, or Seraph of the End, is a poignant and jaw dropping series no matter the language.

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We’ll see you Saturday for the beginning of the real story, and make sure to watch every Wednesday for Funimation’s simulcast dubs. Holy moly Micah Solusidoly.

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