Punch Line Episode 8 (Hello McFly!)

If you couldn’t guess by now, this show is half back to the future, half groundhog day. And albeit the show was trippy before, it’s only getting moreso by now us seeing the same few days again. However this time things go a little differently, even if maybe he shouldn’t….

So the episode begins with Yuta seeing the suit he got from his sister. He says that he’s not going to wear it, but then a few days later the guy in the mask comes to take the bear away. He puts it on and things begin to play out the same as last time. Only this time he actually catches up to the guy and breaks his arm and leg.

Oh of course NOW my neck itches...

Oh of course NOW my neck itches…

The cat tells him that was a bad idea as only the cat can tell him when it’s okay to change history. Yuta responds by telling him that if he hadn’t then two of Ito’s classmates would have been killed by the crazy possessed teacher. The cat argues that it’s only two lives and he basically tells the cat to go fuck itself.

However, by speaking to the guy he learns that the bear is actually an integral part of the whole meteor thing which is why they needed to capture it so badly.

Knowing that the one girl is a robot Yuta (dressed in the costume) talks to her and she explains that she trusts him because her grandfather told her to trust him when she met him because he received a fax from someone who could see the future who was actually Rabura being possessed by someone else. You get all that? Yeah my brain hurts too.

Ah, possession! So THAT'S how twilight got written!

Ah, possession! So THAT’S how Twilight got written!

Yuta then meets up with the guy who gave the bear to Ito and we find out that he was actually a member of Qmay before he realized what they were doing and quit the group and took the bear with him making it look like it escaped.

Man, arms and legs just be getting fucked up in this episode

Man, arms and legs just be getting fucked up in this episode

The episode ends with them having a christmas party and the pink haired girl collapsing on the roof again, only this time Yuta’s there to help her.

Ah…time travel sometimes makes your brain hurt.

This episode began to bring a few of the pieces together, however it doesn’t really resolve anything or bring closure to anything. Of course, I didn’t really think it would as we’ve still got a few episodes left.

I am actually interested in seeing where this is going and i’m really beginning to wonder about the cat spirit. I’m not sure or not if it’s really a good guy. I could be chasing a red herring but for some reason something seems off about it…

I can has evil cheezburger?

I can has evil cheezburger?

On a side note, i’ll say this. The fanservice is weird with this show. I can’t say that I’m actually enjoying it. At this point in the series it’s kind of just…there. Like it’s a needed plot device for Yuta to gain superpowers so they kind of just throw it in front of you in a Triage X way. It’s not sexy it’s just kind of…there. And honestly, at this point, it just feels kind of out of place. It’s like the show has outgrown it’s fanservice….which is weird.

All in all there’s not much to say about this episode. We see the events of last time, but from a different perspective, and he stopped the masked guy earlier so nobody has to die. We learned a few things here and there but no massive revelations that will save the world. Still….I do wonder about that fax machine and Rabura being possessed and sending messages about the future. hmmm…

Episode 6/10


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