Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 27: The Chosen One

The time draws near. 

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Are you ready for this? Is your body ready? the chosen one’s body isn’t

I’m not sure I am – it’s so sudden! :re took a short break for Golden Week, but it’s back now, and it’s getting Sasarious at last. It’s actually not too surprising that Haise has had this much trouble with Takizawa. After all, it’s not like he’s First-Class or anything – the current him is merely ‘Rank 1 Sasaki’ with a lot of latent power. And he was getting thrashed by S-rated Nishiki before he was partially taken over by Kaneki. Here, it’s clear that Takizawa wants to utterly destroy him, and Haise really has no option but to give in to Kaneki unless somebody else turns up to intercept Takizawa – and this person would have to be strong enough to do so, which makes that possibility even more unlikely given that the other doves at the auction are all occupied. Haise has a choice of either dying for certain, or taking a gamble that he might disappear if he calls on Kaneki – we don’t know if his current personality will completely dissolve, or whether it’ll merge with Kaneki or otherwise. I think it really is time for his return, although it would have been nice if a more significant character like Amon or Hide was the one to do it.

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As for Takizawa, he’s been saying some interesting things. First of all, he knows a lot. If he’s talking about Kanou and the kakuhou-implanting experiments, he knows all about Kaneki – Eto must have told him a lot. Hell, even Ayato knows about the current state of Kaneki as Haise. All his former friends and enemies should be aware to some extent. Takizawa says: “I have to weaken the enemy before I can talk to them”. It oddly sounds like something Eto told him – because it feels like he’s saying: “I have to weaken Haise enough to bring Kaneki out, so I can talk to him properly as a fellow survivor of the experiment”. His desire to win and prove his superiority might trump any desire to talk though.

I don’t think there’s a lot to say about Shirazu this week, other than that I hope his balls stay intact. Instead, it’s all about Urie. I laughed when he called himself the ‘chosen one’. That was seriously hilarious. I know I said I don’t like Urie, but… I don’t hate him enough to want him to die! I want him to suffer, so his ego deflates enough to make him a workable person, but it’d be really lame if he died now. I wonder if he’s a goner – Big Madam is SS-rated after all, and he looks like it’s already half eaten. If we assume he can’t save himself, who’s there to do it? Juuzou? Mutsuki is useless, and even with a sudden burst of courage it’s not going to help against an SS-rated ghoul. Looks like the Dark Lord won this time, Harry.

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0 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 27: The Chosen One

  1. Well, it seams haises time is coming to a close and Kaneki is going to make his glorious return soon. Outher than that it seams shirazu has figured something out about Nutcrackers kagune-trap, he might lack the booksmarts but maybe he can show some thinking in combat. My prediction is that the redshird guy that is with the quinx is going to die and maybe saiko is able to join the fight and smash nutcrackers head with her hammer.

    1. I hope Haise doesn’t completely disappear – it would be nice if Kaneki retained some of the good memories he has had with the CCG. It would make it harder to decide on what to do next, though.

      Saiko?! I’m just hoping Saiko doesn’t die! We’ve never seen her fight, I don’t think… I know she has a lot of latent potential as a Quinx and stuff, but unless she can pull that out I’m worried about any direct encounter between her and the S-rated Nutcracker. Haise, Urie, Shirazu, Saiko… everyone’s in trouble :S

  2. Considering this chapter and last weeks chapter together spell Amon, he’ll clearly arrive in time and Haise will remain.

    1. I… remember coming across that observation somewhere. I’m tempted to treat it as speculation arising from a coincidence and nothing more, but it would not be the first time Ishida has done something like this (I still remember ‘Halfway’) and it was definitely strange that last week’s chapter was a seemingly meaningless ‘A’. It’s possible.

      But if it really is Amon, and we get to see him instead of Kaneki at long last, I would be okay with that trade-off! I’ve been assuming that the footsteps at the end of this chapter are figurative and represent Kaneki, but maybe they belong to him instead.

      1. Ishida puts in all sorts of stuff you might not notice.

        Hell he puts in so much Tarot symbolism it’s not even funny, and he’s even done cards as well with Hide being Ace of Spades.

  3. Haise doesn’t know what he’s missing out on, not entirely. Losing himself would totally be worth it for turning back into a version of himself that Touka (and probably only Touka, with Hide KIA or MIA) could reach out to without disturbing his life greatly. Yoshimura did tell Touka to “listen to others” and forcing an encounter with Haise wouldn’t compare to how much it would mean if Kaneki finds her.

    Damn… I really want him to meet Touka again. I mean, I know I do, but sometimes it’s like I’ve realized it for the first time again. It would mean more to me than anything I could think of realistically happening in this story right now. Oh dear. Our boy needs one of his two best friends back though.

    Speaking of realism, if Kaneki does come back he’ll probably be rampant to some extent. He may have to go through a series of trials in the form of meeting people from his past to stabilize again, especially to keep him from constantly fighting with Haise in his mind. That would include talking with Amon since no one else’s life has changed more, who is also directly part of the CCG-Aogiri Tree conflict. Of course, I’d expect him to meet Rize, Yomo, Nishiki and likely Touka last.

    They all cover important aspects of our Haise-Kaneki hybrid here, despite the changes in their circumstances which will only give him more to refine his viewpoint with:
    -Amon still sits as an example of a CCG extremist, but at the same time as someone on that side who wants to understand the balance of Ghouls and Humans
    -Rize still sits as an example of a Ghoul extremist and that basic desire to prey on humans, no plots or smoke and mirrors like Eto and Uta
    -Yomo still sits as an example of someone who changed from misusing his Ghoul power to showing restraint and helping Ghouls
    -Nishiki stills sits as an example of someone who lost everyone dear to him at one point and is his Senpai
    -Touka still sits as the example of what Anteiku stood for and carries on Yoshimura’s spirit

    At this point I sound like I’m writing the story and I’ve probably been a bit redundant so… 😡

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