Tribe Cool Crew Episode 31 (Ayumu’s Mission of Love)

Well enough of that plot from last week, it’s time for a filler episode! What is the topic for today? Why love of course! And just who are the lucky two? (drumroll) it’s Kanon and Haneru! Well…at least…that’s what Ayumu thinks.

The episode starts up with Ayumu (Kanon’s friend) playing a dating sim and wanting to see a love like that in real life. So the next day at school she talks to Kanon and begins to tell her that she needs to confess her feelings for Haneru so they can be a couple. (More than likely so she can get all the squishy feelings vicariously through them)

That ladies and gentlemen is the face of a shipper
That ladies and gentlemen is the face of a shipper

Kanon denies that she has feelings for Haneru, but this only puts Ayumu into action for her plan, dragging along Haneru’s friend in the process.

Her plan begins when the both of them just  “happen” to end up at the amusement park together when they were supposed to be hanging out with their respective friends.

At first Ayumu tries to put them on a roller coaster together, but that doesn’t work as Kanon gets freaked out. She then tries to put them on the teacups together but Kanon and Haneru’s friend get sick so that doesn’t work out.


Finally her last attempt is to get them both on the merry go round. Unfortunately it’s broken down and she has to go to plan B which is a tree. Ayumu then convinces Kanon to tell Haneru the thing she wanted to tell him for a while, but to Ayumu’s chagrin, it’s not that she has a crush on him, but that she’s grateful to him for inviting her to be his dance partner.

I'll eventually be filled with so much G rated love for you
I’ll eventually be filled with so much G rated love for you

Fed up with them not confessing, Ayumu goes to her final plan which is to take them to a haunted house. At first Kanon gets freaked out in it with Haneru unaffected, but that changes after he sees a giant spider and freaks out.

mhm surrreee. scare of a spider (wink)
mhm surrreee. scare of a spider (wink)

Getting worried about them Ayumu runs in but gets freaked out so Haneru’s friend as to run in and help her. As he does so however, Ayumu sees the shining knight in him and actually ends up developing a crush on him.

oh snap! plan=backfire!
oh snap! plan=backfire!

Afterwards they all head home and that’s basically where the episode ends.

This was a cute episode. As far as fillers go, not a whole lot happened, but it was innocent enough. I kind of like the idea of Haneru and Kanon being a couple, so it did irritate me SLIGHTLY that they didn’t do anything this episode, however, then again I have NO idea how long this series is going to end up being so perhaps they’re waiting until we get further down the line for that.

Ayumu and Haneru’s friend are actually two of the characters I really like in this show so it was nice to see them have a bit of the spotlight for once. That is something this show does right. They have a lot of characters, and even if they don’t have a lot of screentime, they still feel real and you want to learn more about them.

to be fair, they ARE adorable and really fun together
to be fair, they ARE adorable and really fun together

Albeit this is not really a NECESSARY episode, it’s still a fun one. I suppose you could skip it, if you’re only really interested in the plot  relevant episodes. However, i’d advise against it. Yeah nothing really important happens in this episode, but it’s the kind of episode that shows you how funny and cute this show can be. (although it would have been better if they got together this episode)

Episode 7/10


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