Assassination Classroom ~ Episode 20 [Inside the hotel]

We leave off where last week ended, with the face off between this professional assassin and Karma. I am hype as hell for this fight, as you are all well aware Karma is my favorite character. So how does the fight go? Really well, he fends off the attacks wonderfully. Then the dirty poison tactics come into play as the assassin goes to douse Karma with some of the poison that got Karasuma-sensei.

Good thing Karma was beyond ready for that. Getting the upper hand and proceeding to torture the guy after he has hm tied up. I am both very proud of him and slightly concerned. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I laughed but I’ll agree with Koro-sensei when I say that I worry for his future.


I have to say though, as much as I love Karma and as much as this part of the episode made me really happy. The highlight of the episode has to be Nagisa’s cross dressing. Is there any point too it? Does having him in such a cute outfit benefit the mission at all? No…but it did help someone. While it may not of been important to the main story watching cross dressing Nagisa straighten out this other kids life was kind of nice.
How was this story handled in the manga? Is it part of this arc proper or something like a side story that happens during the arc? Manga readers, give me input on the cross dressing in the manga!

I have to say though, he did look good as a girl. Also, I got WAY too much of a kick out of Karma saying it wasn’t too late to cut ‘it’ off. Also, all the comments about cross dressing assassins. Hey, I say, if you’ve got the look and you can use it as an assassination technique, why the hell would you not go for it?


So after that part of he episode, we move up to taking out the people to get to the VIP floor. Terasaka is important in this part of the episode, using stun guns that he bought to bring down the guards. On their bodies, two guns that are taken and given to the two best shots in the class. They proceed to the concert hall, it seems like there is going to be some kind of showdown here with another one of the assassins working for this guy.


Speaking of this assassin. He’s weird, like, super weird. Like even by Assassination classroom standards this guy is weird kinda thing. Not only in his habit but in the way he’s designed. What the heck is up with his eyes!? The whole, shoving his gun in his ramen and eating it off the gun is freaky enough, but it’s really his eyes that bother me.
Also, that poor ramen, what’d it ever do to you? Other then look unnecessarily delicious. Stupid animated food…

So overall, this was a pretty solid episode. Though nothing was resolved we’ve gotten closer to reaching the peak of the arc. With less then an hour for the rest of the students, they need to get the antidote and return to their hotel fast. I really enjoyed wIatching the girls split off and do something on their own, even if they brought Nagisa along in drag to protect them. They really didn’t…need protection.
The girls in this class, even bitch-sensei are all kick ass women who really don’t need any help. The boy who was talking to Nagisa was talking about how easy girls have it. Well, we don’t really and you know, seeing girls that kick ass in media is always a huge boost. Even if they are…Bitch-sensei….which is why we need the students to represent as well.
She’s good at her job she’s just….her.

Now let’s see the rest of the Island arc as it pans out, then we’ll be left with a few seasons off while we wait for season 2…or we could just go read the manga.


3 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom ~ Episode 20 [Inside the hotel]

  1. Well, I’m not sure what you mean by side-story. Like in a x.5 chapter or something? You also said something about side-story in an earlier episode (the trip to the movie) and I was confused back then as well. Anyway, no – they are proper parts of the manga, as this manga likes to try different things and make them all seem important at the time, even if they are a bit silly. Also, this is not the last time Nagisa will do this, so there’s that.
    The only difference between the manga and here was that they changed Karma’s line a little – “If you wanna cut it off, I hear sooner is better, something about hormones.”
    Anyway, my mind was in the gutter after this episode……ugh….

  2. What I generally mean by a side story is like a chapter that wanders off from the main story to explore something else going on at the same time or a chapter that is smaller then others. Like if a standard chapter is 40 pages, this one will only be 20. They’re usually short silly chapters that break up tension or explore different points of view.
    Or are just not full chapters, like what I thought went on with the movie trip.

    1. The movie trip was the whole chapter 28, that was 18 pages instead of the usual 19/20. The last 2 pages were dedicated to the apparition of Itona so it ended with somewhat of a cliffhanger leading into the next arc (just like in the episode). You could say it’s a side-story but the movie was used to foreshadow a “brother” and how Korosensei feels about such developments. Nothing else was happening at the time but it also served as a break between 2 more serious “arcs” and …. I could keep analizing this but I’m not really getting anywhere… I guess it’s a “your mileage may vary” kind of thing.
      But trap Nagisa really was no side story.

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