Etotama Episode 9 (HOORAY! A PIYO-TAN EPISODE!)

(Does a little dance) Whoosh! Finally! An episode about my favorite character in this show! It only took…..9…episodes. Aw well. Beggers can’t be choosers.

So…what was this episode about? Do they treat Piyo-tan right? Well….kinda. Let me tell you what I mean.

So the episode starts up with Piyo-tan and Takeru playing shogi. Nya-tan is her usual dumb fuck self and knocks over the board telling the two that the game is boring. Takeru tells her basically “To hell with you no it’s not.” Adding to this, Piyo-tan tells Nya-tan that if she wants her Sol/Lull seal, she has to beat her in shogi.

It's a good thing it wasn't a hot contest'd NEVER win that one.
It’s a good thing it wasn’t a hot contest Nya-tan…you’d NEVER win that one.

So reluctantly the training montage begins.

And seriously, this episode is a good chunk training montage. I could have seriously played “Eye of the Tiger” to a montage of this montage and it would have worked just fine. She learns things such as predicting moves, learning what the pieces do, etc, etc.

Honestly I found this part of the episode boring. Having Nya-tan learn how to be slightly less of a retard does not make me do anything other than yawn.

Still, I'd be laughing if I said that Nya-tan's pain didn't make me happy
Still, I’d be lying if I said that Nya-tan’s pain didn’t make me happy

Eventually she has the result of every montage and becomes good.

Finally the battle for the Sol/Lull begins and they begin, and Nya-tan seemingly pulls ahead. Piyo-tan then turns it around and starts whooping her. Takeru basically tells her to “be herself” and  then Nya-tan wins. And that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Once again. Um…yay?

The only reason this episode was above passable is because it featured Piyo-tan, and like you all are aware, I love me some Piyo-tan. It showed her in a very demure, yet stern and intelligent look. And I really liked they way they worked her in this episode. Of course, before and after the game, Nya-tan’s still an annoying fuck, but now she’s an annoying fuck who can…play shogi? So…I guess there’s that?

tee hee, now I suck AND I can play shogi!
tee hee, now I suck AND I can play shogi!

Realistically, Nya-tan’s character didn’t improve for me in this episode. I could tell they were trying to go for a “ooh, she’s developing” thing. But she really didn’t as she goes right back to being an annoying fuck after the match ends, the only difference is that now she can play shogi.

I have in the middle of this rant, inserted a pin up of Piyo-tan. Because EVERY situation needs a pinup of Piyo-tan
I have in the middle of this rant, inserted a pin up of Piyo-tan. Because EVERY situation needs a pinup of Piyo-tan

Nya-tan winning every episode is actually very tiresome. This show has a lot of shonen tropes, but as I’ve said before, the main problem, is that I don’t even remotely like the main character. And that’s a problem with this kind of show.

Etotama is trying to trick you this episode into thinking Nya-tan learned something. She didn’t. The way she won was by “being herself” and unfortunately for us, “herself” is an annoying douche.

Piyo-tan really was awesome in this episode. She had more screentime, lines, and overall everything than any other episode in this series and I loved every second she was on screen. I knew she’d lose, but secretly I was hoping she wouldn’t because I hate it every single time Nya-tan wins and it makes me want to punch a baby.

Just checking. Yep, her pain still brings me joy
Just checking. Yep, her pain still brings me joy

Seriously, can we just kill Nya-tan and makes the series about the 12 zodiac people? I’d be okay with that. Really. Really I would.

(sigh) a man can dream…a man can dream.

Episode 7/10


One thought on “Etotama Episode 9 (HOORAY! A PIYO-TAN EPISODE!)”

  1. For me this episode was about: piyo beeing awesome (makes me proud to be born in her year), nya-tan in pain makes us happy, shogi is the universe and even though it was only a glimpse: this show would have been a lot better nya-tan would stay in shogi-mode forever instead of retard-mode forever and all they had to do would have been the understanding of that last phrase from “go back to beeing a douche” -> “find a new way of winning by using your brain once in a while”

    Oh and about her always winning.. I hope she will fail her last fight against chu tan but gets friendly even though she is not going to be part of the zodiac, which would be satisfying enough and not change the current zodiac system which makes sense

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