Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Ep 11

It goes without saying how much I appreciate watching Bell and his party just barely get into the Safe Zone alive. Welf and Lily both fainted from exhaustion, leaving only Bell who is barely standing himself, run while carrying both of them at the same time. It is definitely an underrated strength as not often do we see our heroes carry two of their comrades while facing danger at every corner and simply avoid engaging a fight with the monsters at all cost. I am sure when Goliath was re-spawning just as Bell mustered up the courage to run with all his might to get to the exit on the other side, there were were a few people who were partially expecting him to drop his friends and whip out his Argonaut special ability- but he didn’t, and that was what made the scene special. Bell was chanting “Run run run”, knowing it was the only option he had. He wasn’t going to try and be the hero again by trying to create a miracle by fighting Goliath the Boss of the 17th Floor who even Aiz requires a support to take down.
And it wasn’t just Bell, although both Lily and Welf collapsed before him, their efforts were a huge contribution for getting all three of them out alive. Had Welf not been able to use the Dark Magic, they probably would have been cooked for supper by the Hellhound! Had Lily not known about the Safe Zone and the uses of tunnels and had repel supplies on her, they probably would have been attacked by a mob and be killed on the spot! They all contributed to the effort of their survival, and that is a feat itself.

DanMachi Ep 11 Img 0014The 18th Floor AKA the Safe Zone is truly a space of serenity. Adventurers nicknamed it Under Resort. It is full of life, green space, looks as if they are on the surface with the amount of light the crystals at the top of the chamber provides. It even has a transition of ‘night’ and ‘day’. It is an area where you don’t have to worry about Dungeon Monsters, who can wander around without any armor or weapon- heck there is supposedly even a freaking town in this place (I think it’s below the big tree)! But based on the Preview’s title, I have half expecting the peaceful tranquility to come to a screeching halt. Just because they are in the safe zone, doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe from Freya. I don’t know the extent of the Gods’ abilities, but with the way Freya has been playing around with the Dungeon Monsters to ‘help’ Bell grow, I am wary of what kind of chaos she is plotting to unleash.

And while we are on the topic of troubling individuals, Hermes’s explanations of why he is helping out makes me suspicious of him potentially being friends with Freya- but at the same time due to her nature, I have a hard time seeing these two get along- so perhaps it is another Goddess. But let’s be honest, rather than Hermes doing favors for others, he is mostly looking into Bell for himself. I am curious though about the mention of ‘bringing forth a new era’ though… Hmm…

Bell and his party were fortunate that Loki’s Familia were still camped in the Safe Zone, even better yet that Aiz was literally right at the entrance where they had tumbled in. Had they not been there, who knows what could have happened when Bell and the others were all unconscious and would have had no one to treat them of their injuries, nor any supplies to do so for themselves. Hestia and the gang only arrived later into the evening.

DanMachi Ep 11 Img 0024Ryu didn’t get as nearly as much screen-time as I had hoped, but you take what you can get and I savored the few milliseconds of it. She was such a badass The only thing making me raise my eyebrows is the gesture of silence, implying she didn’t want anyone else, but the party to know she was there. It makes me wonder if perhaps she has a tense relationship with certain Adventurers in the Loki Familia. We might find out next week if she happens to stick around to assist escorting the group back to the surface, since as of right now, we haven’t seen her since she had greeted Bell.

The reunion between Hestia and Bell was super sweet, ugh it makes me heart melt, but boy Aiz, she is quickly becoming a strong competitor for the Hestia x Bell ship. I can’t help but love her myself, and gosh now I am quite torn between the two ships. Seeing Aiz subtly jealous of her colleagues clinging onto Bell was freaking adorable- but I don’t think she realizes her feelings herself as she didn’t perceive her invitation to take Bell to the town as a date!

Another ship I have my eyes set upon is Welf x Lili. I can’t help it, this episode made me go, “I SHIP IT!”. I don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses me.

With the mix of fighting for survival and being able to relax, this episode was thoroughly an enjoyable to watch! I am curious to see what sort of inner conflict Welf will be facing now since his Goddess Hephaestios has entrusted him with a gift, and passed him a message- probably something to do with his vow to never craft magic weapons, and how she had told him at some point, it will prevent from devoting his life to something greater.


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  1. Hopefully the next episode explains what Welf’s issue is. He’s carrying a lot of family baggage, IIRC.

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