Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 13 [FINAL]

Final Impression

You know, it doesn’t feel like it’s the end… because gosh I just want more!!!! But alas, we must wait (I don’t care if I have to wait three years, JUST MAKE US A SEASON 2 J.C. STAFF!) until then, I am going to miss it dearly and bid my wait by reading the novels. (Something I strongly recommend to fans of the anime to do as well if you haven’t already!)

The fight against the Level 5 Goliath was insane. Every time we thought they finished it, NOPE, the bloody thing had regeneration abilities and it’s fucking crystal was in it’s lower half of it’s body and it didn’t help that it was fucking enormous and thick skin to the boot! It took so many resources, so much time (it must have regenerated itself at least three times!) and an entire makeshift army of Adventurers (including everyone in the local village) to take it down!

DanMachi Ep 13 Img 0009I have said this many times before: One of the things I appreciate the most about this series is how this isn’t about an invincible hero who can solo the big bad boss. This story makes it so everyone can contributed to the fight in the significant way. It didn’t matter if they were assigned to fend off the monsters which had turned aggressive when Goliath had awoken, or they were setting up shields, protecting the mages who were preparing countless incantations, taking care of the wounded, or were buying time in almost a futile attempt to distract Goliath, whose was basically tough as steel and only a handful of Adventurers would actually make it bleed, or even attempt to contain it to buy enough time to save lives.

DanMachi Ep 13 Img 0015Regardless of the fact Bell possesses the special skill Argonaut, it did not serve as a ticket to be the ultimate savior. Yes, while Bell was the one to execute the final strike (destroying the crystal before Goliath’s body could regenerated) the writer chose to make the circumstances challenging which required a team effort to get to that point. By doing so, it created a memorable role for all the secondary and minor characters who participated in this gruesome battle. And best of all, it made this event exciting, nerve-wracking (like my god, I was freaking out over Ouka, bless that man, he saved Bell’s life by jumping in with the shield!), and of course- badass. We were able to see Ryu be a boss in all her glory, doing incantations while fighting- it certainly makes up for her lackluster screen-time during the quest to save Bell and his party (big time).

I think the one of the few things some fans may feel cheated out on is probably having a different expectation of how Welf’s inner turmoil was going to follow-up from two episodes back. I wasn’t too bothered by the fact it simply involved him casting aside his pride for the sake of protecting his comrades in order to use the magic weapon, (which had shattered after one use).

I can’t tell you have freaking grateful I am by the fact YenPress had licensed the light novel BEFORE the TV-Adaption came out. Had this been an adaption of an light novel that hadn’t been licensed, I would be screaming in agony right now of not being able to fulfill my mighty needs to read further into the series. That being said, considering there are only a limited amount of volumes out right on (and the Light Novel series is still on-going) I am glad J.C. Staff chose to stick with thirteen episodes. Sure there are couple of things that were left out, and could have been added, but honestly I wouldn’t want to change anything because it was that good.

With the anime adaption over (for now), I am itching for the rest of the volumes to follow up on Hermes going nuts about how Bell is (supposedly) Zeus’ grandson. Like what the heck? Zeus?! Bell is supposed to be the last hero of Zeus’ Familia? SO MANY QUESTIONS, BUT IT ONLY MAKES ME MORE EXCITED TO READ THE BOOKS! 😀

DanMachi Ep 13 Img 0034

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? was a fun and memorable series from start to finish and is strongly recommended for everyone to watch (especially those who are tired of the invincible heroes). This story brings us a fresh take on a fantasy series with elements of familiarity without it being cliche. Most of the characters are extremely endearing (except for cray-cray Freya, the psycho), making it a fun journey of watching them grow, and overcome their own inner conflicts. Do not be fooled by the title, because this series is truly a gem!

Stay tuned for my in depth Overall Review post, it will come out later than usual due to my condition (I’m expecting a at least couple of days late since I need to be in good condition for Utapri S3’s finale is tomorrow), so please be patient! For the time being I will leave the general score here!

Overall Score: 9/10

Story/Plot: 9/10
Characters & Development: 9/10
Animation Quality: 9/10
Original Soundtrack: 8/10

Recommendation: HIGH


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0 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 13 [FINAL]

  1. And thus it ends…unless a Season 2 is announced for next time.
    The novels explained Welf’s inner conflict in more detail, it relates to his family legacy.
    [spoiler]The Crozzos were a blacksmithing family famous for producing magic weapons. It started when the first Crozzo ancestor helped some spirits in need. As thanks, the spirits blessed him and his descendants with the ability to make magic weapons.
    The Crozzos became rich and famous, and things were good for a time. However, the later descendants got greedy and arrogant. Not only did they start mass-producing the weapons for a warlike king, they also attacked the same spirits that blessed their ancestor. The powers were revoked, the weapons failed, and the Crozzo name fell into disrepute.
    Welf is the first Crozzo in many years to have the power again. His family would like him to use it to restore the Crozzo name, although he’s strongly resisted usign it freely(likely to avoid ending up like his family again). Parties like Hephaestus have pointed out he’s only limiting his potential by not embracing his magic-smithing skills.[/spoiler]

    1. I won’t be peaking since I want to read it myself, but thanks for sharing! I’m sure there will be others who want to see it! BRING ON SEASON 2!!!!!! I can be very patient when it comes to waiting for more material = v = /

  2. The next volumes have a lot of action, if the synopses are any indication.
    [spoiler]Vol 6: After one too many insults from the Apollo Familia on Bell’s fame, Hestia accepts Apollo’s inter-Familia War Games challenge. Winner takes all, loser loses everything and must leave Orario forever!
    Vol 7: Bell and co. must help Mikoto (from the Takeru Familia) rescue her friend, beastgirl beauty Haruhime, from prostitution by the Ishtar* Familia (which controls Orario’s red light district, playground for the male gods). Not only must they contend with Ishtar’s Amazon army, Ishtar herself has taken a liking to Bell, and unlike Freya she wants him NOW.
    *Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility.
    Vol 8: The warlike nation of Rakia, led by Ares(god of war), invades Orario. Word is Ares’s target is Welf’s powers…[/spoiler]

  3. I was wondering, where did the anime leave off in correlation to the LN. I have been looking around, and no one has posted anything yet on where to begin.

    1. Based on my knowledge, the anime covered the first four volumes (possibly the 5th- depending on how much Vol 4 covered), so I presume the 5th or 6th volume is where to pick it from.

      1. Some reviewers think it is unlikely Season 2 will ever be made, due to:
        1)the anime covered nearly all the existing source material,
        2)there isn’t a great track record of anime getting a second season multiple years after the previous one, (sometimes it happens, but those are exceptions.)
        3)the anime was undoubtedly to drum up sales for the LNs, and strong sales mean the publishers might not ever see the need to greenlight another anime.
        What do you think?

        1. There’s definitely a possibility, but it will ultimately depend on the sales. The merchandise (especially Hestia central) will be selling like hotcakes, the novel from what i’ve seen flew up in the rankings, so we will have to wait and see if the anime positively influences the novel sales, like for ex: Chihayafuru’s adaption had for its manga series and bam: season 2 happened (along with even a live-action film to the boot!)
          Like you said, it’s not out of the ordinary for series to have a couple of years in between before having a second season in order to have more material. It is honestly in the series’ and studio’s best interest to have done the 13 episodes in order to avoid an Anime Original Ending since it leaves it open to resume in the future.

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