Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode 10



I like Chantez too. I like them all, okay?! Although I didn’t guess right this time – I thought she was voiced by Iguchi Yuka, when it was in fact Asumi Kana.

ViVid 10 Img022

ViVid 10 Img011But anyway, if Miura is a straight-forward and honest fighter, then Chantez is a deceptive and mischievous one. I do think she’s rather shameless for a nun, but hey, I’m not complaining! Much like Miura was to Micaiah last episode, Chantez was the underdog in her fight against Victor, from the ‘Thunder Emperor’ lineage. The difference is that Chantez never managed to actually win – but she’s pretty plucky too, in that she still kept trying her best in a seemingly hopeless situation. Each of the clean hits she landed on Victor took some time to manoeuvre, and after all that trouble she only managed a dent in Victor’s life points – the knowledge that a battle of attrition awaits you against an opponent who hasn’t revealed any of her cards is heavy indeed. And magic like Ensemble feels like a one-trick pony – it’s most effective when the opponent doesn’t know about its existence, and it’s quickly shut down once they figure out how to deal with it. Or if they decide to get serious, like Victor did. Turns out the butler really can back up his confidence – even when saying things are bad, it’s not that things are bad for ojou-sama. It’s that things are bad for her opponents, because ojou-sama is now mad. I seriously winced at how it all ended – the lightning is one thing, but did she seriously have to smash her skull on the floor that hard? I assume Victor would say something along the lines of respecting her opponent to the very end, but still! Poor Chantez had a mere 150 life points left!

ViVid 10 Img037I do like how Corona has every intention of beating Einhart. After hearing her resolve and how she has something to prove to the rest of Team Nakajima, I was almost ashamed to presume that Einhart would pull off an easy victory – I think it’s what all of us are thinking, and that sort of mindset indicates that Corona does actually have something to prove. I still think Einhart will win, but I want Corona to give her a good run for her money, and she’s already managed to pull off some surprises in that regard. The thing is, Corona already has full access to Einhart’s fighting style and any weaknesses she has, and her most likely time investment has been to focus on developing counters specifically designed for her – although of course the reverse is true as well. It’ll be an interesting match!

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