Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode 11

The drill that will pierce the heavens.


Nanoha 11 Img073At long last, we have subs for this episode! It was worth the wait though, because having remembered nothing of this fight once again, I got to learn that Corona was a very brave little girl. As I said, it wasn’t a surprise to have Einhart ultimately win, but Corona put up a wonderful fight, and their match was accompanied by great production values in general. I actually found myself rooting for Corona before long – you can’t help but want her efforts to succeed, and it was a shame that she didn’t manage to dish out enough damage to end things in the first round. And even after healing, she got close! I even got worried after she brought out her ‘full body manipulation’ – torn between worry and admiration for her perseverance, actually. Her bones were broken, her arms must have hurt like hell, and Nove was talking about alarming things like her heart giving out – but she still fought on. Even if she lost to Einhart this episode, and even if her feelings towards martial arts aren’t as strong as someone like Vivio’s, the mental strength Corona has is just as firm, if not firmer than the rest of her friends.

Nanoha 11 Img079I also liked how she returned to using her golem magic near the end of the fight, after a bit of prompting from Otto. It was cool that she had something like Nephilim Fist, which allows her to program in the techniques of the people around her, but aside from proving Einhart wrong in her assumption that she had no counter at all, I think there’s value in Corona perfecting magic and abilities that she can call her own. It was an admirable effort in light of the limited time she had to improve before the match, but it shouldn’t be something she ends up relying on in the future out of principle, putting aside issues such as the delay to her auto-counter or the strain that it must put on her body to go through unfamiliar forms. Even if there wasn’t a delay, Einhart would probably have been able to get around Nephilim Fist – she’d know the quirks and habits of all the styles Corona mimics, and would easily predict and respond accordingly.

Nanoha 11 Img080

I wonder what’s next? If there’s one thing I’m anxious about, it’s how they’ll round off this season without any decent place to end things…

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  1. “I wonder what’s next? If there’s one thing I’m anxious about, it’s how they’ll round off this season without any decent place to end things…”

    I’d tell you, but you’ll see it yourself soon if you haven’t already, since both episodes were released at the same time.

    Anyway, this was definitely one of the most badass fights in the series, with Corona showing off just how much she has grown since the beginning. If Einhart hadn’t had Klaus’ memories to tell her that Corona’s technique is the same one Olivie used to fight, she’d have almost certainly lost, and things would have turned out quite different.

    Einhart made the same mistake many readers and viewers made in thinking that, once she overcame or outran Corona’s golem creation, there was no way Corona would be able to stand up against her. Underestimating Corona that way nearly cost her the match.

    1. I decided to save it for tonight! 😀

      I guess that’s why Corona was so insistent on perfecting Nephilim Fist for this fight, and might be why Nove and Otto were okay with her using it despite all its issues – because she had a point to prove. In the end though, it was her Goliath that inflicted the majority of the damage she dealt to Einhart, even after Einhart was thinking: “I can break it apart with a single Battering Ram!”

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