Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 10: Sleeping Bag Haunting

We continue with the not-so-exciting days in Mikagura Academy. I’m just going to easily sum up the part I didn’t care about, and it was the ghost. Eruna and Otone clean up their new clubroom and the other clubs visit and bring them some presents to make the room look all nice. It’s then the girl from the newspaper club arrives and accuses Eruna of being behind the ghost stories that people keep bringing up, because of the fake stories she made up before. She promises she’s not behind it and will help the club. That night, she, the drama club, and Katai go ghost hunting. Long story short, the ghost people saw actually was Eruna, in the hallway in her sleeping bag jumping around. So that’s that. The only interesting part of the hunt was

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this. I’m not sure how to describe this, but while the group was walking through the school Usamaru spotted this thing but it disappeared shortly after. When Bimii scared the newspaper girl, this thing appeared again and seemed as though it grew and spread itself inside the school. It hasn’t really done anything yet, but it’s probably going to play a bigger role in the next episode. And for some reason I feel like it’s connected to Seisa and her Killing Art.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 10 [720p].mkv0078Now, the part of the episode I cared about. When Eruna leaves the mansion, Seisa doesn’t see her. When everyone visits Eruna’s club, Seisa doesn’t. Eruna looks a little hurt, and thinks that Seisa is angry with her or something. Bimii then explains to Otone that Seisa is the reason why Eruna formed a club in the first place. While Eruna is gone on the ghost hunt, Otone makes up an excuse and then leaves for Seisa’s mansion to speak with her. Otone went a little yandere at this point, saying things like “Eruna is the most important person to me I’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE HER HAPPY” and on she went to actually attack Seisa. And I was really surprised to see that Seisa was actually having a hard time against Otone. Easy to say that Otone is very skilled, but Seisa is levels above her, but she refused to use her Killing Art. Maybe she didn’t really want to hurt Otone, maybe it was something else. Maybe she simply hates fighting. She’s mentioned before that she hates club battles, but she probably hates battles in general. If she did use Killing Art, she could have beaten Otone in mere seconds. But she didn’t and Otone had the upper hand. If Eruna didn’t come to interrupt, I’m sure Otone would have dealt the finishing blow. Now on the matter of Seisa.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 10 [720p].mkv0004Throughout this show, and I’ve complained about this before, we’ve hardly gotten a thing on Seisa. We’ve gotten some mini flashbacks to her in the academy, so we can sort of make some guesses as to why Seisa is the way she is now. But the thing is that we don’t get anything about the Seisa right now. We don’t know what she’s thinking, or what she’s feeling. We haven’t spent a lot of alone time with Seisa to really get to know her, so I can’t really make a guess as to why she’s acting the way she is. I made a little guess last time that Seisa is acting this way because of the same reasons Otone had described: She didn’t want to lose the only friend that she could trust and that could understand. Otone pushed people away because she didn’t want to be parted from Eruna. Seisa probably feels distant from Eruna, now that Eruna is close friends with Otone, has started her own club, and now left the mansion. In the beginning she acted a little cold towards Eruna but later, like in the rookie tournament, she warmed up to her and she was smiling and hanging out with her and having fun. She probably thought of Eruna as a friend, but now she feels lonely. I hope Seisa actually admits these feelings, because that seems more probable than anything else. I also want to know why she didn’t use Killing Art, and whether or not it has to do with that strange thing Usamaru saw. PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOU. JUST GIVE ME A SEISA EPISODE.

I guess another thing of interest was the really creepy and terrifying way Bimii has to turn into a human. Apparently he was originally human, but somehow turned into an ugly flying cat. I doubt this show is going to explain this since it’s near the end (and this show doesn’t like to explain anything). But it was just freaky that Bimii had to go into that scary statue to transform. I can understand why he doesn’t like turning human.

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Honestly what the hell


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3 Responses

  1. Mii says:

    Episode 11’s preview video just came out and it looks like we’ll get more about Seisa, so, yeah! Also I think the anime is on the 6th novel already (the latest one) and in the 6th novel, we got info on Seisa’s past so I hope the anime will also do the same

    • Berry says:

      Oh thank god. A Seisa episode has long been overdue. I hope it won’t disappoint me. But wow to get on the 6th novel that quickly….it really shows. = .=

      • Mii says:

        Yeah, I hope so too, in episode 10 they got to near the end of the 5th novel (except none of the stuffs like the ghost hunting or the fight between otone and seisa in the anime happened in the novel) and for episode’s 11 preview there’s a fight that’s going on in the 6th novel so basically they’re going to cover the last chapter in the 5th novel (the beginning of midterm battle) and the 6th novel (the end of midterm battle, not sure if they’re going to animate until the end or not though)

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