Ore Monogatari!! Episode 10 (Mountain Date)

Well it looks like it’s my turn once again to discuss the adorableness that is Ore Monogatari. Sometimes I’m glad that I only have to do this every other week as how much of a dose of sugar I get with every episode. Dear god the sugar. It’s like every episode is dipped in sugar and sprinkled with adorableness. So what cute thing is going on this episode? Let’s go.

So the episode starts out with Yamato and Takeo on a mountain. It turns out that Takeo is having a make up date with her because of the events of last episode, so they decide to go on a picnic.

Wow....that really IS a big size difference...

Wow….that really IS a big size difference…

Pretty early on it’s apparent that Yamato doesn’t have nearly the stamina Takeo does but she doesn’t seem to mind as they hike up the mountain. After a short while they reach the top, but a bird tries to steal the vest Yamato’s wearing (which has the pin on it from last episode). She retrieves it but begins to fall of the mountain.

(snicker) am i a bad person for thinking that if she fell she'd leave a wily coyote imprint cloud?

(snicker) am i a bad person for thinking that if she fell she’d leave a wily coyote imprint cloud?

Seeing this Takeo grabs her and saves her from killing herself but they both fall off the mountain in the process. Of course Takeo’s fine because this guy’s like Superman. The only problem is that now they can’t get back up the mountain and are lost.

Climbing a tree Takeo hears cars in the distance however they’re very far away and it’s about a day’s hike from where they currently are. After hiking for a long time, they decide to camp for the night.

Meanwhile not having heard from her, Yamato’s mom calls her friends to ask if they’ve seen her. Thinking she hooked up with Takeo for the night they lie for her telling her mom that she’s over at their place.

How much squeeing? All of it

How much squeeing? All of it

The next morning they find their way back and head home, and everything is as it should be, with Yamato and Takeo’s feelings for each other having only grown.

This episode was very Takeo x Yamato heavy. In fact, this episode probably had the least amount of Suna then any other episode I’ve seen so far, and at first, that’s a little shocking. Normally you spend so much time with all three of them that when one’s gone, you’re thrown a little off guard. Not to say it’s bad, it’s just different.

Still, these two are absolutely adorable. That’s really the only way to describe these two. They’re freaking adorable. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I normally don’t like main pairings, but this is a rare exception. Yamato is just a sweet, wonderful thing, that nothing seems to get to her as long as she’s with Takeo. There’s even a scene in this episode where she says “I wouldn’t mind being lost in the woods forever if I could be with you” and she really means it. I don’t think this girl has a mean bone in her body.

Gah! So...much...cuteness!

Gah! So…much…cuteness!

The friends were pretty amusing too. I like how they misinterpreted everything Yamato said and think she hooked up last night. It was awkward, but i’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh.

This episode definitely had some good developing moments between the two characters and it was nice to see them interact with just the two of them for an extended period and see them away from the rest of the world and their judging. It seems we’re getting closer to a kiss as in this episode when Takeo was asleep she kissed him on the cheek.

Aw yeah... well...it's not first base. um...maybe a ball?

Aw yeah… well…it’s not first base. um…maybe ball 1?

All in all, it was a very cute episode, as these episodes tend to be albeit nothing truly substantial. Overall with this series, I really do enjoy how this series pretty much BEGAN when they got together and it isn’t like every other show where once you’re in a relationship that’s the end of the story. It’s nice to see someone actually tell a story about how once you’re in a relationship, that’s only the beginning.

Episode 6.5/10


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