Show By Rock!! Episode 10: Reverse Rhapsody

Jealousy is such an ugly emotion. It can make you do and say things that you truly don’t want, and in turn it can hurt the relationships with the people around you. Out of all the members of Plasmagica, the person we didn’t really know too much about was Chuchu. But we finally got to learn some things about her and why there was darkness in her heart.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 10 [1080p].mkv0066I had thought that the darkness in her heart was coming from the pressures of the battle of the bands performance, but it was actually extreme jealousy. What probably hurt her most was when Rosia completely ignored her and ran over to hug Cyan before their performance. After their win, Chuchu went online to see what people were saying about them, but they only talked about Cyan. Cyan Cyan and more Cyan.

Ever since seeing Grateful King live as a child, she fell in love with music. She wanted to be just like him. Be a star and have everyone’s attention on her and love her, and cheer for her. She wanted the spotlight all to herself. Saving up her allowance for a guitar, she went out to perform. She decided to join BRR, a label she’d never even heard of, and joined Plasmagica only to use it as a stepping stone. Since bands are more flashier, she would use Plasmagica as her stepping stone to have people notice her. And once she would achieve that, she would soon leave the band and pursue her solo career. She had it all planned out.

And then Cyan arrived and turned her ambitions upside down.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 10 [1080p].mkv0092She gets contacted by Dagger and he reminds her of all of this. The darkness in her heart got the best of her, and Dagger was successfully able to brainwash her. She returns to the studio to announce her farewell, but Berry/Grateful King told the girls she was brainwashed. And luckily the girls were able to snap her out of it. Even if she went back to normal, she admitted that those were her true feelings. She really did think Plasmagica was a stepping stone for her, she did want the spotlight to only be on her, and she really was jealous to be overshadowed by Cyan. But the girls don’t mind, as Plasmagica is where its at because of Chuchu. And of course, she won’t quit. It was nice getting a look into Chuchu’s character, as I felt we barely got a thing out of her since the show started, and there’s only two episodes left. I would have liked that maybe evil Chuchu could have continued into the next episode, just to make things more intense and interesting. But since there is only two episodes left, we have to save those for the big finale at the Grateful Rock Festival. But I enjoyed learning more about Chuchu. Her emotions felt real, and to some people she can probably be very relatable. And just like Retoree said…

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 10 [1080p].mkv0105

Dagger used Chuchu to make Cyan’s Melodisian turn dark since hers is evolving rapidly. Since his plan didn’t work he’s probably going to make the rock festival hell. Angelica and Darudayu speak if Cyan will be strong enough to beat Grateful King’s song, which he’s forced to write. Berry/Grateful King explains to the girls that the song they sang in the training camp will be good enough. About Grateful King, the reason he isn’t around as Berry all the time is because he needs power to control it, which is getting harder and harder for him. After snapping Chuchu back to normal, he was panting and tired. He’s using a lot of energy to do this, and he’s still confined in that room, so that’s exhausting him more.

I thought we would get an answer as to what happened to Criticrista last week, but we didn’t. I’m pretty worried about them, and I’m sure people are going to notice if they’re missing or not.

Next week will be the Grateful Rock Festival. Dagger is out after the best musicians, which are Cyan, Syuzo, and Darudayu. They’ll all have to band together if they want to defeat Dagger. But just how strong will Grateful King’s song be?


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