Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 33: Embracing Books

“She’s a ghoul… and I’m a ghoul investigator.”

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I had to go look up what ‘consanguineous’ meant. According to Wikipedia, consanguinity “is the property of being from the same kinship as another person. In that aspect, consanguinity is the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person”. Today I learned something new! So basically, the Tsukiyama family have sustained themselves through repeated cases of incest, and thus their RC cells are genetically vulnerable. I don’t really get why that means no-one in their family can develop a kakuja, though. It’s a type of kagune mutation, and from my limited knowledge of biology I seem to remember that children born out of incest have a higher chance of mutated genes? At any rate, it’s impossible for Tsukiyama, and things are not looking too good for him at the moment. I presume being a ‘foul feeder’ relates to cannibalizing ghouls – most ghouls do it with the hope of becoming a kakuja, because other than that it’s not a fun diet.

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I hope Haise keeps Hinami safe. Ayato already doesn’t like him, imagine what he’ll do if Hinami ends up dying on his watch. I think a lot of us were relieved with her being placed into Cochlea at the end of the auction arc instead of dying at the hands of either Takizawa or Arima, but back then we didn’t even know that ownership rights had expiration periods. The time-skip now means that this deadline is fast approaching, and investigators apart from Akira are now saying things about Haise and Hinami. I thought it was a bit odd that Haise decided to reference Kaneki on camera – in fact, Hinami also spoke openly about their relationship and called him onii-chan. So surely anyone watching the camera logs would start to ask questions about them, and suspect that him defeating her was a lie – which won’t do any favours for Haise’s reputation within the CCG, at least amongst those who know about his hybrid status and don’t trust him that much. At any rate, Haise is feeling something for Hinami as Haise himself, instead of as Kaneki – and is questioning the injustice of her being there, which is a rather odd stance to take as an investigator. Or is Kaneki slowly starting to fuse with Haise, represented by the surprising amount of black now back in his hair?

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So as predicted, this next arc will focus on Tsukiyama, in a mirror of the original manga. As much as I want to believe it has something to do with Rize, the ‘Rose’ case most probably refers to the remnant of the Rosewald family they picked up on at the auction – who is, of course, Kanae. I can actually see Kanae asking Haise for help if Tsukiyama’s condition deteriorates far enough despite his hate for him, because Haise is the one thing that’ll rejuvenate him completely. More likely to be an antagonist is this new investigator, Kijima, who looks like a ghoul, a member of V and an ex-Scrapper all at the same time. He’s the most shady investigator I’ve ever seen – how did this guy make it to Associate Special-Class?

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