Tribe Cool Crew Episode 33 (How Kanon Lost Her Groove)

Because the universe somehow deemed that Tribe Cool Crew will go on for 1 million episodes, here we are with episode 33. What is it about exactly? Let’s find out.

So the episode starts up with Kanon doing some dances in school, but realizes that something’s a bit off. The more and more she dances, she realizes she’s a bit slower and a bit more off then she was before. She is unsure of what’s going on, but her teammates (minus Haneru) all seem to know exactly what’s going on. And long story short she finds out that she’s growing. And because she is, her limbs are longer to allow her to perform bigger moves and also making it harder for her to hold back to match the other people on her team, and therefore making her look worse than she actually is.

I'm sorry, but you've thrown off Kanon's groove

I’m sorry, but you’ve thrown off Kanon’s groove

The rest of the group tells her that these are signs that she’s going to be a major star and isn’t one to be in a group. Kanon goes home depressed to talk to her mom about it and the next day when she shows up for practice, the episode ends with the three telling Kanon that Tribal Soul and Cool Crew are going to break off again into separate groups.

(insert dramatic sting music)

(insert dramatic sting music)

Man. That has got to be one of the shortest recaps I have ever written. However, to be completely fair….that’s pretty much all that happened. If I elaborated more it would boil down to “Kanon’s worried, dances at school. Kanon’s worried, talks to old guy. etc etc.” That’s the basic premise of this episode. Kanon’s worried and doesn’t know what’s wrong with her but everyone else does and has to explain it to her.

Here's your explanation. Long limbs are long

Here’s your explanation. Long limbs are long

Of course though, this means that this is a two parter as they leave it off on a very dour note with Tribe Cool Crew having basically effectively broken up. Obviously this isn’t going to be permanent, but she doesn’t know that. (I assume they’re trying to teach her some kind of lesson).

This episode, while I’m supposing isn’t SUPPOSED to be a filler episode, FEELS like a filler episode. It’s a problem, that when resolved won’t really have an overall effect on the plot and we’ll continue on our merry way.

(Pictured above them on their merry way)

(Pictured above them on their merry way)

Still, despite this episode’s faults, I can’t say that I didn’t watch it the whole way through in one sitting and not enjoy it, at least somewhat. It wasn’t a painful filler episode, it just felt like a time waster.

Overall, I’m interested to see next week how Kanon will get her groove back as we know she’s not going to want to go back to being a solo dancer, but i’m interested to see how she overcomes this problem. So…not bad. Not great, but not bad. so um… yay?

Episode 6.5/10


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