World Trigger Episode 36 (The Aftermath)

Know how last week I was talking about how happy I was that the battle arc finally ended? Well, now we get something a whole lot more interesting! What may that be you ask? Why flashbacks and scenes of the aftermath of course! And let me tell you. Hoo boy is it interesting. And by interesting, I mean by and large boring as hell. But oh well, I guess I better discuss what little DID happen in this episode. So…let’s do it.

So the episode starts a while after the battle subsided. Wet Blanket is recuperating on the hospital unconscious while everyone else is either visiting him, or cleaning up from the battle.

On top of that Wet Blanket starts having flashback dreams. The first one is about how he studied with Chika’s brother and basically how important of a person he is to Wet Blanket. The brother basically tells him to watch after Chika if anything happens to him, and of course he disappears having gone to the neighbor world.

nope. sorry dude. you're the main character.
nope. sorry dude. you’re the main character.

The second part of the dream starts when in response to this, Wet Blanket studies and takes the test to become a border member. Unfortunately, he actually doesn’t pass the exam. Talking to the recruiter he learns it’s because of his trion level and his apparent inability to use a trigger. He won’t accept this though as he breaks into the forbidden zone to try to talk a higher up at HQ, but at that moment a neighbor shows up, however luckily he’s saved by Jin.

my side effect tells me...i'm a badass
my side effect tells me…i’m a badass

The other half of the episode is basically what I stated before. A bunch of people walking around doing stuff.

First the guys in HQ talk about rebuilding and what a PR nightmare this whole thing is.

Also Duckface, not knowing what happened to replica is searching for him.

Also some other people who are doing stuff…I forget their names.

But thank god in this episode Konami shows up. I swear, she saved this episode. She’s coming out of the hospital having visited wet blanket when she gets tricked by the guy bitchface has a crush on and is her usual adorkable self.

Seriously, can the show just STAR her instead?
Seriously, can the show just STAR her instead?

And…. (scratches head) that’s…really all that happened in this episode.

Oh yeah. And the episode ends with Wet Blanket waking up and seeing Chika sleeping next to her mother who’s at the hospital.

Oh shit! Her mom's not dead because people don't die in this show!
Oh shit! Her mom’s not dead because people don’t die in this show!

This episode was…. there. that’s really all there is to say about it. I mean, if you were ever interested in just HOW wet blanket managed to get into Border, well….there you go. And honestly, that’s…that’s really all there is to this episode. It’s basically unconscious flashback apalooza. I guess too much plot happened recently so they had to calm down a bit.

I mean, there were a few moments (mainly the ones with Konami)

Eat her homemade curry you ungrateful bastards!
Eat her homemade curry you ungrateful bastards!

that made this episode…okay. I’m not saying this episode was great, because it wasn’t. But it wasn’t terrible either. It was just… a lot of nothing. That’s all there really is to say. It’s the follow up to the lengthy battle so there needs to be a respite episode. I can’t blame the show for that, but, it only gets one. After this, i’m going to start judging it more harshly. I’m not saying that it has to jump into another battle (oh please god no) but it has to do more than….well…nothing. Which this episode pretty much was.

So with that said, flat middle of the road, 5/10.

If you don’t want to see this episode I’ll flat out recap it for you in a few sentences.

Everyone’s recuperating from the battle, Osamu’s having flashbacks to Chika’s brother and we see the first half of how he got in border.

There you go. I just saved you 20 minutes.



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