How do I put this? It’s like, there are certain people in the world that just should not be given power of any sort. No matter how absurd or useless it may seem. The ability to posses someone in your line of site for five seconds. Sounds like a fairly harmless power at first, until you learn what you’re doing with it. Then you can posses the smartest people in class and cheat off their answers. Get yourself into a prestigious school and be the top of your class without any effort at all.
Yeah, this guy is kind of an asshole.


Not only use your powers for that, but to set up an accident where you can jump in and be the savior of the popular pretty girl you’re in love with. What a jerk, then you start dating her. Also, what’s with all these smiles and evil laughs? Who do you think you are, a less intelligent Light Yagami kid?! Well, this is the good life, you’ve got top grades at a prestigious school. You got the girl of your dreams, what could go wrong?


Oh, the student council president of a school that knows about powers and has caught onto you could come and show that your intelligence is a fraud. You could have your entire life uprooted. Moved to a new house, transferred too a new school and be too far away to see that pretty popular girl you used your powers to court. I’m not sure if I pity this guy or not. I mean, he’s kind of an egotistical maniac.

Then there is the rest of the student council and their comically useless powers. The ability to teleport but not be able to stop where you want too and the ability to appear invisible to only one person. Well uh, that’s something I guess? I actually really like Takajo, I like how his power affects him. How he complains about having to be hospitalized many times because of it.
I don’t really know what to think of Tomori yet, I want to reserve judgement on her. I mean, Yu TOTALLY deserved getting hit by her. Like, beyond a shadow of a doubt deserved to be hit. So I won’t judge her for that.


The last character we meet this episode is Yu’s little sister, I don’t know if she has any powers yet but I do know that she is numbingly adorable. So cute! Way too cute to live! Why do I have a bad feeling about saying that, no Key! Leave his little sister alone, I’ve got my eyes on you!

So the real question is, what does this show have to make it stand out from all the rest of the students have random powers shows? Well, not too much really. I’d say the thing that stuck out to me most was the main character. He was far different from the kind you’d come to expect in this series. I was expecting some guy who was the super heroic type.
Instead we end up with this jerk off. I am a little scared of where this show could go with this plot and these characters. It could either be really good and really sad, or, we could end up with a total mess.


So with the promise of a forgotten sibling. A new school, and this jerk and the two others out to stop people from abusing their powers. We go into Charlotte with it LOOKING really good. Like, super nice animation, decent enough characters and plot for the first episode…I’m just nervous about it’s future.

Will I be watching? Yes, for sure. I want to see where this show goes.
Will I be covering it? Probably not, as interesting as the first episode is I feel like it could lose my interest quickly. With Junjou 3, Dragon Ball Super and Gakkou Gurashi coming and Ronpo being a possibility. It would be too much, I’d be sad too see this show skipped over though. So I might like to see someone else cover it, or at the very least if I stick through watching it I’ll do a Series Overview.

I give the first episode a solid 9/10 and if nothing else, it’s a good start to a story that could be good or bad. We’ll have to see.


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  1. Tenshi

    I really do have high hopes for this show as I’ve been excited for this show pretty much since it’s been announced. The animation is great, of course since PA works is doing this, a studio that I’m quite fond of (forgetting about that one slip-up, glasslip), The premise is interesting and so far it seems promising. I was taken aback though on how douchey Yu was, like he wasn’t just a narcissist, he was a downright jerk. I also thought that Tomori’s name would be Charlotte, but I was wrong on that one….and for some reason I expected her to be somewhat of a kuudere and like quiet and reserved, you’know, but I was totally wrong on that one too. Not that I don’t like her, like you said, she just didn’t have enough screen time to judge her yet. Yu sister was adorable though, I totally loved her. I understand you possibly not being able to cover it, but I do hope that it works out or someone else will be able to cover this, because it would be a shame to skip this show since I love your guy’s reviews.

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