If I had to describe episode three in only one word, I’d say it’s about Worick. We learn this episode about his second job as a Gigolo. There are some heavy hints this episode that Nicolas might of killed Worick’s parents and may be the cause of his eye injury. We see the place he works as a Gigolo, and that he is very, VERY protective of Nicolas.
I’m not saying that they’re sleeping together, but like, you can get defensive of a friend, In fact it’s pretty normal to defend a friend when someone insults them. Then there is threatening to rip a girl a new…um, you know what. I’m just gonna leave that one there.


That’s not the only point in the episode he gets really defensive of Nicolas either, when the girl he was sleeping with suggests that he brings Nicolas around next time for a threesome. He gets pretty nasty about that as well, not nearly as bad as he is to the girl later but you can tell it bothers him. “My partner is not a Gigolo” you can take those words in many different ways so I’m not gonna cite that one but later in the episode that’s a different story.

This episode was really cool. I liked the focus around Worick. At the same time, it doesn’t neglect Alex or Nicolas either. Alex is still a fish out of water, not knowing what’s going on and having more and more questions by the day. She’s not very good at this whole, talking to a deaf person thing though. You have to stand in his line of vision for him to read your lips Alex.
As she helps them along their deliveries, she reacts to everything in the most interesting ways. I know we’ve said it before, but the character the audience is supposed to relate too the most. Learning everything about Worick and Nicolas as we learn about is a prostitute. That’s just a very interesting twist.


Also, what’s this about Twilights and the drugs? They’re just sufferers of drug induced aliments? This one at Big Mama’s place is not doing so well and probably won’t make it much longer. Is that the fate waiting for Nicolas as well? What do Nicolas and Woricks matching tatoo’s mean? I saw that they had them in the opening but this is the first time they have been acknowledged in the series.

Funimation announced a simuldub for this show and I personally can’t wait to hear it. The setting seems like it would mesh well with English. We’ll have to wait for more news to see the cast and release date of the first episode.


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  1. dyingearth

    Lets just say that neither Nicolas nor Worick’s fathers will win Father of the Year award. It’s actually a contest on which one is worse.

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