Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 2: Penetration

Tsubasa seems to be having a tough time trying to be a Gatchaman. The Gatchamen are pretty famous and treated like celebrities, so with a new Gatchaman, Tsubasa is the talk of the news and TV shows. She also makes a public appearance at a mall to be interviewed. Gelsadra is with her too as well as Hajime as Paiman appointed her to be Tsubasa’s mentor. I think this is a great match as both girls have more or less the same personality, upbeat and determined. But Tsubasa is still very new to this, and when she wanted to transform in front of everyone…well, she couldn’t. And she got super embarrassed. This posed a huge problem when VAPE attacked the mall and Hajime had to do all the work, with some CROWDS helping her out. Tsubasa did her best to help out but she felt bad afterwards, but Hajime was able to understand her.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 02 [1080p].mkv0042I think the most important part of the episode was when our main baddie met up with Rui. You know…I really wanted Rui to catch a break this season. He suffered about 95% of the time last season, I just want the poor kid to smile and be happy, but now he’s gotta deal with this asshole and people turning away from GALAX.

This guy is posing to be a huge problem. He has a Note and he was able to teleport to Rui’s home using a red CROWD. He goes on to say with those cliche villainous phrases and expressions that Rui has made a mistake giving the people the ability to use CROWDS, as they’re “apes” and will not evolve. He continues saying the things we heard last time, with the CROWDS bringing destruction and the opposite of what Rui and the others think. He fights for peace and calls himself a peace activist, which is funny as VAPE is bringing destruction and ruining the peace. But he’s only doing this as he wants people to stop using the CROWDS, and with these recent attacks, we saw that people have been deleting GALAX, which is what this guy wants. He and the group didn’t really do much at the mall, but he’s setting an example. Though I really don’t think trying to kill the Prime Minister is a fight for “peace”. Also these VAPE guys are so cliche with them wearing masks when causing mayhem. Yeah, discreet much.

After that incident, Tsubasa heads to Tokyo to be with the whole Gatcha team. We’ll see what happens from here on out. I hope the other team members get some time to shine. Utsusu was only in this episode for a few seconds! D: What an outrage!! I also want her to be less gloomy and more happy, she’s adorable. C’mon, show! Also the highlight of this episode? Hajime punching Berg. That was great.

Speaking of which, Gelsadra saw how strange Hajime’s thought bubble thing was when she used her ability at the event. Hers was the only one that was gray, but of course that has to do with Berg inside of her. So far Hajime has been completely normal and she seems to have total control over him (the punching), but I don’t know. Gelsadra’s expression might be foreshadowing for something bad to happen to Hajime later. I hope not.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 02 [1080p].mkv0053


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4 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 2: Penetration

    1. Oh wow what a design change! I can’t see this Gelsadra as a villain as she is very sweet and actually is a child. I’m not familiar with the 90’s Gatchaman, but I can see that they changed things a lot. So I have a feeling this Gelsadra won’t be a villain as we have VAPE taking that place. Thanks for sharing!

      1. No prob! (I haven’t seen the original either, just stumbled across it XD)
        However, as much as I hope Gel doesn’t go evil, there is the scene in the OP where the speech bubbles all go red, which I’m pretty sure represents a negative emotion. Gel may not be trying to be evil, but if everyone unites with her speech bubbles for bad, rather than good… Would she consider that a success?

  1. Rizumu was just a tough guy to beat to be honest, so that’s why he ended up sneaking into Rui’s territory. The smartphone elections in the episode was pretty cool yet I wish every country on Earth would have that idea in the near future, but who knows? Maybe this thing would turn up into reality and lessen the reliance on voting scanning machines and papers in the regular polls.

    Kick-ass Hajime is kick-ass as always, Tsubasa on the other hand… Well she still has a long way to go but I bet she can do it by mastering the Gatchaman transformation phrase and pose properly. She felt sorry on the granny who accidentally got a minor sprain, but the granny said that she was okay, much to Tsubasa’s tears, aw!!!

    And Gel-chan was just damn too cute like forever!!!! I just wanna hug her up and wanna know what would be my mood so far. 😀

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