Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode 3 [Marry Us!!!]

(Laughs) I don’t know what it is about this show but…I..I just can’t hate this show. I don’t know why but… every time I see this show I just get a smile on my face. I know it’s crazy, I know it’s ridiculous, but I can’t stop from enjoying this show. It’s one of those strange events where you know in the back of your mind that something’s terribly wrong with this show, but it is IMMENSELY enjoyable. I’m going to be honest here. Some shows that are “Good” get really really tiring. They’re slow to move, there may be some comedy in there, but sometimes it takes itself too seriously. This show knows exactly what it is and revels in it. And…god damn it, I’m getting swept along for the ride. That said, let’s just start this crackfest.

So the episode starts up with the girls discussing the law and how they’re not allowed to do sexual things with the main character. Apparently Cerea hasn’t filled in her homestay paperwork so she has to work on that. While Cerea and Miia argue about who loves the main character more, Papi overheats from trying to study the law and needs to take a bath. However she wants to take a bath with the main character. Not wanting her to be naked with him he puts a swimsuit on her. While his eyes are closed. And just like last episode… there is suggestive dialogue. OH BOY is there suggestive dialogue.

I think even Geoge Takei would begin to run out of "Oh myyy's" in this show
I think even Geoge Takei would begin to run out of “Oh myyy’s” in this show

Papi says that she loves him and thinks of him as a brother. But then immediately tries to get him to molest her.

Yeah..yeah it's Papi. I just don't question it.
Yeah..yeah it’s Papi. I just don’t question it.

The girls then jump in and break it up. And….honestly the next scene is not only the sweetest scene i’ve seen in this series, but the sweetest scene i’ve seen in a long time in anime in general.

Cerea runs off with the main character and begins to speak about duty and honor, to which the main character tells her that, that’s great and all, but she’s in Japan now and should try some of the culture there and asks if there’s anything she wants to do. She responds with that the thing that would make her most happy is to hold his hand. Ok. THAT is adorable.

Damn it show! How are you making me go "D'aw" over a centaur chick?
Damn it show! How are you making me go “D’aw” over a centaur chick?

Sigh. Fine show you made your point. You can make this cute. Goddamn you show.

This is interrupted though by Miia and Papi as they see Cerea alone with him. They decide they have to fight each other to win him over, but Smith shows up meaning to tranquilize them, but accidentally shoots the main character.

Mmmm whatcha sayyyy
Mmmm whatcha sayyyy

Upon arriving back, Smith tells him that they want to try a new step in the program and try integrating the species by having him marry one of the girls. He gets to choose but Smith wants him to marry one of the three. He tries to fight this idea but of course…he can’t.

That night is when all hell breaks loose. First Miia shows up, acting more seductive than usual, the main character unable to talk her down when Papi breaks through the window to break it up. However, she has her own agenda as she starts trying to take off his pants.

Oh myy-- (explosion) Thanks show! you blew up my George Takei Voice synthesizer.
Oh myy– (explosion) Thanks show! you blew up my George Takei Voice synthesizer.

Cerea then shows up to break it up as well and for a moment she looks like she’s the one with reason, informing him that they’re acting crazy because of the full moon. She then shows that she too is affected and tries to seduce him as well. He runs out of the room and calls Smith to find out what to do and

(nosebleeds, passes out)
(nosebleeds, passes out)


I mean um..what was..Yeah. anyway Smith tells him that his indecisiveness and not telling them his thoughts combined with the full moon is what’s setting them off. He says he could try to ice them up to calm them down.

Unfortunately he trips and gets in between the three girls and presumably gets beaten up by accident during the ensuing commotion.

The next morning he apologizes for being indecisive and tells them that he considers all three of them to be potential wife interests. And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode, while not really…adding any characters, was cute. It’s nice to see the idea that he isn’t just smitten with one character and actually likes the three of them pretty equally.

Okay though. I’m going to say this. Three episodes in, and I DO NOT like Miia. Like…at all. She has literally no personality whatsoever. Her entire personality is “I want in the main character’s pants.” Like…she doesn’t have anything else going on. I’ll prove it. I’ll play a little game that was invented by the reviewer Redlettermedia. Without describing them physically or their actions, describe the character.

Cerea: Proud, noble, shy, doesn’t really think she deserves happiness

Papi: Airhead, Childish, friendly to everyone, lackadaisical

Miia: Jealous, sexual,….um… I got nothing.

Basically if you don't freak out at her appearance and bring her a blanket, she'll want to fuck you. That's about her only requirements.
Basically if you don’t freak out at her appearance and bring her a blanket, she’ll want to fuck you. That’s about her only requirements.

Realistically right now out of the three, Miia is by far the weakest one. And the problem is, she’s the “First” Character, which, god help me, means he’ll probably end up with her. And I have to say, I am REALLY REALLY sick of that trope. Harem anime would be 1000X better if you didn’t know in EPISODE ONE who the main character was going to pick. Let’s look at some examples where this is the case.

Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Clannad, Sekirei, (God help me) VANADIS and DAITOSHOKAN NO HITSUJIKAI

Just because a character is the first one he meets and is the main girl in the opening theme song DOESN’T MEAN HE HAS TO PICK HER. Shuffle is a good example of this. I know this is a bit of  a side rant, but this has been bothering me for YEARS. Look, I don’t know he’s going to pick her. He very well may not. And if he doesn’t, I’ll give this show all the massive props in the world. But as of right now, it is the only thing keeping me from thoroughly enjoying this show. This nagging feeling in the back of my head that he’s going to end up with her. I kind of fell for it in Daitoshokan and we all know how shitty and ridiculous THAT turned out. All I’m saying is, have him end up with ANYONE other than Miia. That’s all I’m saying. You’re already original in your premise. All i’m asking is that you bring it on home.

Anyway, enough of that side rant.

The episode itself had some funny moments and I actually found the handholding moment VERY sweet and it actually made me a bit of a Cerea fan.

Seriously, how did you make me care guys?
Seriously, how did you make me care guys?

Papi was cute, but her scenes were sexual innuendo…y and Miia’s scenes were outright her trying to rape him basically. I can’t wait for more of these girls to show up (The arachnid girl especially) as the six of them together are probably going to have some great scenes.

All in all, nice episode, but guys..seriously. Don’t Daitoshokan me. Please.

Episode 7/10


Also I’m adding a new feature to the review of this show where I list all the girls in what order they deserve to be with the main character. This week

  1. Cerea

  2. Papi

  3. Miia

So yeah, Cerea’s in the lead this week. Can she keep it up? And can Miia do ANYTHING that isn’t annoying as fuck? Welp, we’ll see next week.

5 thoughts on “Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode 3 [Marry Us!!!]

    1. Haha yeah, my ranking would be:
      Mrs. Smith
      huge gap here


      But yeah, forgot exactly why I bothered to put up with this sort of crazy harem series in its manga form… Though I’m not caught up and my memories seem to indicate it losing its humor a little… Well, probably won’t be this season anyways.

  1. I want him with Su, she hasn’t come out but I(and many others) love her to death

  2. I agree completely with that rant. Why make a harem series if the first girl is going to win? Maybe it won’t be the case in this series, but it happens so often…

    And yes, Mia’s personality is all about being “the hero’s love interest”, which would be poor in a normal story and more glaring in a harem series.

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