Sailor Moon Crystal ep 25 [ Tears, literally tears ]

This episode is the second to last of the season and let me tell you, it’s a doozy. Bringing in most of the animation crew half of the episode was damned impressive and actually featured a 2-d transformation scene. While it was a little wonky at parts it showed that 2-d is always better than 3-d transformations and gave it a cutesy and very appropriate feel. Now go back and freaking redo all the other transformation scenes, guys.

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This episode featured a very important scene: Pluto, in order to stop Demande, stops time. We learn quickly that this means that she will be destroyed and if you’re me, you feel a lot of pain. Pluto dies having saved everyone but feeling she failed to truly help Small Lady, and Chibi Usa’s response to the pain of losing Pluto is to change from Black Lady into her transformed Senshi form, with a cute transformation.

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Some of this episode had really great animation. I’m not kidding! There were some beautiful moments, like Pluto’s death and Usagi’s response, and Chibi Usa’s response. The way she became Sailor Mini moon was just amazing and while the later parts of the episode tapered off, I was impressed.

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Once again we see all of the minor villains cut down by the big bad, and I have to say Death Phantom puts up a fight. We also got another fake out of all the scouts working together to do badass things and then low and behold nothing happened, Death Phantom is stronger and all we can do is wait for the real power blow out next episode.

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I am really fond of Crystal, the more I see the more it sells me. The closeness between all of the white moon family is good, but I like that other than the beginning Mamoru really doesn’t get a lot of screentime. He was more of a plot device than he was anything else, and while Usagi loves him most of the season was spent trying to show she can love others and especially loves Chibi Usa. That’s character growth, showing Usagi’s weaknesses and dependence on Mamoru and pointing out she can’t be jealous or demanding of his love.

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I’m excited for the next episode, and I’m crying over this one. Pluto baby plz ;_;


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