So how do you follow up an arc like the Disappearance arc? By not fully ignoring that it ever happened, having consequences in the characters feelings and yet still treat it like real life, as it moves on. I said before, that I thought that perhaps it would of been a good idea to end the series on the Disappearance arc, but I have to say. I was wrong, seeing how the confession affected Kyon and his relationship with the current Nagato is interesting.
I also like how it affects his relationship with the other characters as well, everyone can notice that something is up with Kyon. You can see it through side glances or off comments in conversations. Ryoko, Haruhi and Itsuki are all concerned about what’s going on.


With all that being said, what about Yuki? How is she feeling after all of this? Well, in the first part of the episode. It’s fairly obvious that she’s feeling pretty awkward. Asking Ryoko questions about which Nagato she prefers. A fairly legitimate worry to be honest after everything that’s happened. I’m not entirely sure if this is a worry that carries through the entire episode. She seems to relax after Ryoko tells her that she is a precious friend no matter which Nagato she is.

Back to Kyon, well more like, back to the main plot of the episode. Summer is here, in particular, July 7th is here and you all know what that means. Tanabata! That’s right, it’s time to celebrate Tanabata for the Haruhi gang. Which means going out and cutting down bamboo in a mosquito filled field.


Decorating the bamboo, making wishes and hanging them from the bamboo to be granted in the future by the gods Orihime and Hikoboshi in 16 to 25 years. Huh, i’m having main timeline Haruhi flashbacks again. Oh wait, so is the series. With some slight differences, like Kyon being a middle school student rather then traveling back in time to help her write her message to the aliens.


I know they’ve touched upon the fact that this event happened in this time line before, but I honestly enjoy the way it tied into this episode and Haruhi helping Kyon come through what’s been bothering him. Even if Yuki does not remember confessing to him, just as Kyon doesn’t remember meeting Haruhi back when they were younger. It doesn’t mean that it’s any less important or an event in his life.
I am REALLY confused, like, I want to ship Yuki/Kyon because of the timeline and such. However, it’s episodes like this that remind me that Haruhi does have a legitimate reason to be in love with Kyon that remind me why I shipped them together in the first place. Knowing that he pulled her up out of despair and kept her from losing hope in the things she believed in.

I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to top the last three episodes, but they did. I’m glad to have Haruhi and Itsuki back, i’m glad to see the character growth resulting from the disappearance arc. Next episode looks like it’s gonna be a beach episode….huh, well then. YAY SWIMMING, and yay awkward emotional relationships!