Wakako Zake Episode 1 [First Impressions]

Wow. Just. Wow. When an Anime is listed as a “Short”, I imagine it being like… 5 minutes long. Do you want to know just how long this short lasts? The entire run time of the first episode is 1 minute and 27 seconds. What the- how is there anytime to explain ANYTHING? Well, I suppose I’ll give you a summary of the episode, although it will take me longer to write it, then for me to watch it again. Oh well, that being said, it’s time for Wakako Zake episode 1.

So the episode begins with 2 guys walking into a restaurant. There they see our titular character Wakako eating Salmon and drinking sake.

Seeing that she’s doing so, trying to impress her, the guy orders the same, seeming as if he doesn’t notice her. He then tells his friend how much he enjoys salmon skin hoping she’ll overhear.

that sounds like a new sexual innuendo

that sounds like a new sexual innuendo

Falling for this, Wakako seems slightly enchanted until he mentions that he likes it with rice. Hearing this, she gets upset that he can’t just eat it with cold sake, and leaves. And that’s where the episode ends.

bitch, I ain't putting up with your rice nonsense

bitch, I ain’t putting up with your rice nonsense

Yeah it was short. But it’s 1 minute and 27 seconds. What did you expect? Short as it was, it was cute… but… ha. okay. i guess I still have to break this down.

Head: Umm… there really wasn’t much of a plot as far as I could tell. This girl literally just goes into a restaurant, talks about how she likes Salmon skin and sake, a guy tries to subtley hit on her, she gets annoyed at his choice of food and leaves. That’s…really all there was too it. I mean, it’s a cute enough premise. Having a 20ish woman go try different foods and no one understands her tastes. So..um..yay?

Seriously man. Wanting rice with your salmon? Why didn't you just spit in her face while you were at it?

Seriously man. Wanting rice with your salmon? Why didn’t you just spit in her face while you were at it?


Head: 5/10

Eye: The animation is pretty smooth, although Wakako kind of has those unblinking “stare into your soul” eyes. Otherwise the animation flows pretty nicely. She’s  a stylized choice…it’s just kind of weird at times.

Those eyes....

Those eyes….


Eye: 5/10

Heart: So…I mean…there were 3 characters in this episode and none of them were really…that great of people? The one guy offscreen mocks the other guy for liking salmon skin, the guy onscreen tries to hit on Wakako, and Wakako gets disgusted because he likes rice with his salmon skin. Um… That’s really all I know about their personalities. It seems to me that Wakako has her bar set extremely high in what she likes in someone and uses any excuse to push the possibility of closeness away if it doesn’t follow her exact code. Of course…I could be looking too deeply into this it being a 1 1/2 minute show and all. Still, I’m interested in seeing if she’s going to develop or just have little vignettes. So there’s that.

Heart: 5/10

Total: Solid 5/10

From what I saw, it’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s kind of just…there. Normally for a show SO down the middle, I wouldn’t really want to cover it, but…it’s only 1 1/2 minutes long. I mean I can put out a review of this on my LUNCH BREAK. And it’s cute enough to make me want to watch those 1 1/2 minutes. So yeah… I’ll keep on this for the simple reason of…I can. So I will.

Watching: ….Yeah sure.

Blogging: Meh, sure why not?

Hooray for mediocrity!


Those unblinking eyes...

Those unblinking eyes…

No..no....NOOO!!! AHHH!!!!

No..no….NOOO!!! AHHH!!!!

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  1. il-Palazzo says:

    Yay! Someone is actually covering this show!

    Lovely show. I think the way she grew more and more interested just to be immediately turned off for the rice remark is kinda cute. Bonus point for making me want to go out and eat the actual food. Something that rarely comes up in shows like Shokugeki no Soma (great show BTW) since their food are kinda out-there fantastic most of the time.

    Now I have to find a place that serve salmon without automatically include rice, and also serve sake. Maybe some of those izakaya thingy will do.

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