And once again we delve into the world of Otaku teachers and wackiness that is Denpa Kyoushi. (Of course it could be just me as i’m not certain that anyone but me actually watches this show.) I have to say that I am very glad that this episode did not follow suit of last episode and make it all about Koutaro. …it was only HALF about him. So…that’s progress? Anyway let me tell you what happened in the episode.

So the episode begins with Kagami very excited as he’s running through school in the morning. It turns out that he just won a really powerful rare card from a tournament he won and wanted to show it off to everyone.

Haha. I love how the card is actually named "Glorious" Dragon.
Haha. I love how the card is actually named “Glorious” Dragon.

However he then gets it confiscated by irregular twin tails.

That night he is very upset and doesn’t even want to eat dinner. Meanwhile back at irregular twin tails girl’s house the same thing is going on with her brother. He’s upset because he happens to be losing a lot of games of this SAME CARD GAME to another boy his age. Uhuh, you see where this is going right?

To irregular twin tail’s defense, she does tell him that he can’t use the super rare card because it’s not hers. I was about to chastise her when I was watching it, but she did make the right decision, so I can’t be mad at her for that.

(Sigh) fine. I'll have to find something else to get annoyed at you for eyed girl. (seriously, who has pink eyes?)
(Sigh) fine. I’ll have to find something else to get annoyed at you for you…strange….pink eyed girl. (seriously, who has pink eyes?)

But of course, if you have ever watched a sitcom EVER you can see what’s going to happen. Yeah, he steals the card, bets it, and loses it. Not being able to find the card, Irregular twin tails stalls Kagami for a day until she finds out from her brother that he lost the card.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Kagami’s getting more and more pissed at her. So when a random boy comes up and tells him that he has a crush on irregular twin tails, Kagami offers to help him out (with an ulterior motive of course).

The problem is though, that whenever the boy gets close to a girl, he bleeds profusely out his nose. Like..a lot. Honestly, from the sound effect he should probably be dead.

Dude i'm not joking. From the sound effect, I thought he was vomiting.
Dude i’m not joking. From the sound effect, I thought he was vomiting.

So Kagami’s plan to get around this is to use Koutaro (ah here’s where he comes in) as a halfway point for him to get his pairings as he’s a boy, but looks like a girl. (Man, the writers of this show much have REALLY liked Koutaro seeing as how about 1/4 of the episodes are devoted to this ONE character.

To accomplish this he has them go on a mock date and puts a headset on Koutaro so that he can tell him what responses Twin tails would give. Let’s just say…they’re less than flattering.

Hahaha...Koutaro's mouth is full of meat...haha...ah...i'm 12 aren't i?
Hahaha…Koutaro’s mouth is full of meat…haha…ah…i’m 12 aren’t i?

Finally Twin tails catches up with Kagami and tells him the situation about the card. She asks if he’ll win it back. Kagami tells him that he isn’t going to win the card back, he’s going to train her brother to get it back for him as it’s a “Gamer’s Pride” to do so.

We then see in a short montage Kagami training the boy, however he comes back time after time having lost, until finally, he manages to win it back.

Seriously! What's with the pink eyes in this family? Are they like...Japanese Albinos?
Seriously! What’s with the pink eyes in this family? Are they like…Japanese Albinos? At least me and Kagami are Blue-eyed otaku brothers. (Bro fists Kagami)

And the episode ends with the boy now being obsessed with Koutaro. And seeing Koutaro in distress makes me laugh.

This almost makes the 4 episodes of crap worth it doesn't! Fuck you MMO Episodes!
This almost makes the 4 episodes of crap worth it…Wait…no it doesn’t! Fuck you MMO Episodes!

This episode..wasn’t bad. Yes every single thing that happened with the card storyline I could see coming a mile away as it’s been done in countless sitcoms throughout the years. Still, the side story with the fake date was kind of amusing. I don’t exactly like Twin Tails as she has a stick up her ass, but I don’t dislike her nearly as much as I do a lot of other people this season. (CoughMiiaCough)

Every time I get annoyed by an episode, the next one always seems to have something that I like about it. Kagami is a very interesting protagonist. He doesn’t really care about a lot of things that other main characters would. He cares more about nerdy otaku things and if the problem a person faces happens to coinside with that topic, then he’s willing to help. Otherwise, their on their own.

He can be very selfish, but also very giving if the topic is in his realm of expertise. Despite his intelligence to the point that he developed a working theory that couldn’t be disproved by a top physics research laboratory, he would rather type on an anime blog and play WOW.


In this episode, he cares more that the girl stole his yugiohish card then a student who needs his help. He’s selfish…but it’s a fun selfish that works well for this show.

He’s self serving, but is also kind hearted. He really is the epitome of YD. He only really does do what he cares about and bump the rest of the world. I guess there’s something to respect about that.

I really didn’t care that much about Twin Tails brother, but…other than being a thieving jerk..I mean..I guess he was pretty harmless. He’s not going on anybody’s “Best character lists” but…meh?

All in all, this was a fun episode, despite the things that were obviously coming to anyone who’s ever seen a tv show ever. One of the better ones, but…not in my top 5.

Episode 6.5/10