Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode 7 [Okay, Fine Show. Rachnera is Best Monster Girl]

Now, previously I had mentioned that I did a little research into Rachnera and how I would probably like her when she eventually showed up in the series. and damn it, I hate it when i’m right. Because yes, I love this character. But of course, an entire episode could not be devoted to her. Oh no, instead, we have to spend HALF of this episode with the Monster girl squad. Oh joy. Because I was TOTALLY looking forward to these guys. yep…totally looki…okay no. I didn’t give a crap about these guys. But i’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s recap shall we?
The first thing you’ll notice about this episode is that they flip the intro and the ending, and having the ending starring the squad being the intro.
However, as is the case for MOST ending themes…it’s not very good. It was my first time watching it and i kind of just skipped the second half
because it was boring.
I'm totally awake! Totally....(snore)
I’m totally awake! Totally….(snore)
Anywho after that is over, we see that a bunch of orc dudes (who of course look ugly because god help you if any of the male monsters actually
look halfway decent) are in an anime shop because apparently they’re otaku. (hm..orcs are otaku. who knew?) they’re holding up the store with guns making demands that the mainstream anime community needs to have more orc x female sex in the media (I wish I was making this up).
Like I said, wish i was making it up.
Like I said, wish i was making it up.
Unfortunatley for the police, they can’t attack them because of the interspecies bill. So this is when Smith’s interspecies task force comes in.
She sends them in and one of them gets shot pretty quick and it looks like she’s dead. However of course she’s not. They grab a girl who looks like an anime character and start to get a little….NC-17 ish before the cyclops who is the sniper shoots all the guns out of their hands from about 2 kilometers away. (what? Kilometers? Not alsins? oh wait. This isn’t vanadis. because it’s not completely retarded.) It also turns out that the anime looking girl is a shapeshifter doppleganger and kicks the guy in the face. Not only that, but the chick who got shot is a zombie girl so she’s fine.
zombie boobs? w..what?
zombie boobs? w..what?
Wait though…why does a zombie girl need boobs? Like…she’s dead right? so…there’s no need to have those because …i….
are you trying to tell me that zombie girls …. wait what? Also, I can understand centaurs, nagas, harpies, etc, but…zombies aren’t really a biological……you can’t be BORN a zombie. (shifts eyes nervously) or can you? Ah. ugh. now i’m imagining zombie birth. ow. my brain.
Let’s move on so I can scrub that image out.
So yeah, the group of them take out the orcs and they’re arrested. Oh yeah. and one of the girls is an ogre. and of course she’s super hot.
THAT'S an ogre? yeah. that's fair to orcs.
THAT’S an ogre? yeah. that’s fair to orcs.
Now wait a second. That is the biggest gyp. How come Orcs are ugly sacks of pig crap, but ogres can be pretty? That doesn’t seem very fair.
So far these have been the ONLY representation of male monsters in a speaking role and they are perverted violent idiots. Then again, every single male that is NOT the main character is a horrible person or a coward. I’m actually kind of offended for my gender in this series.
Well thank god either way that stupid part is over and we finally get to the part of the episode I actually care about. The Rachnera part.
So we pick up with the monster girl squad busting into her house as they haven’t heard from the fake director guy in a while. he’s fine (maybe
a little worse for wear but still alive) However Rachnera has flown the coop and went to go kidnap the main character.
She does so and heads to a warehouse where she begins to chat with him. A guard comes in and she holds him close so he doesn’t talk
and..he gets um… a tad excited. I have to say, I laughed.
(Almost spits out coffee just seeing the screencap again)
(Almost spits out coffee just seeing the screencap again)
The guard leaves and She makes the comment about how the main character’s attracted to the human part of her but finds the spider part horrible.
And I have to say, this is probably my favorite part of the episode. He replies with the fact that no, in fact, he really likes her spider half because
he has a leg fetish and she has 8. I have to say, I almost spit out my coffee laughing at that. So our main her has a leg fetish. That’s amazing.
That pretty much KILLS Miia and the mermaid’s chances right off the bat.
Goddamn it this show. i'm going to spit out all my coffee laughing
Goddamn it this show. i’m going to spit out all my coffee laughing
In fact, Rachnera finds this amusing too and tells him that he really is a pervert. That’s when a swat team shows up outside telling the person who attacked the director to give up. And to Rachnera’s surprise, the main character assumes that it’s him because he punched him in the previous episode. She finds this very charming and changes her opinion of him a bit. They resolve this peacefully and Smith actually apologizes to Rachnera for the error in finding her a host family. Rachnera basically states that it’s okay as long as she can live with the main character. Smith agrees and that’s basically the end of the episode. adorable
god…so adorable
First things first. Let’s talk about the the monster girl squad. I feel as if this group was shoehorned into a very short anime. This show is only 12 episodes long and I don’t know what they expect to get from these girls other than what..a cameo? The manga is already over 6 volumes so they’re having time to flesh out everyone, however, with this group, being 7 episodes in, I don’t know how much more these girls can possibly develop. The entire episode should have been the entrance of Rachnera. it’s kind of like how papi and cerea only got half an episode each while the mermaid chick and suu got a full episode intro. and honestly, i like rachnera, papi, and cerea far more than suu, miia, or the mermaid chick (man. I actually have to care one of these days and learn her name)
This group could work if the series was longer, but their inclusion here seems superfluous and the only reason I believe they’re here is like a head nod or a cameo.
Wow. SOMEONE'S posing
Wow. SOMEONE’S posing
In short, I could have done without them for such a short series. However, now for the second half. I have to say, as soon as I saw Rachnera I fell in love with her. She is sarcastic, yet vulnerable and funny. She’s sexy and she knows it, while also understanding the world around her. And to me, she’s so far, the monster girl with the most depth of character.
I don't care you're half spider! I'll give you a hug!
I don’t care you’re half spider! I’ll give you a hug!
Both Suu and Papi are inexperienced, naive, and not all there. Cerea is proud and struggles with letting someone see her when she’s vulnerable. The mermaid chick is kind, but has a strange desire to have a tragic romance. and miia…..well she has no character or anywhere to go. She loves the main character and…that’s about it. Her character really doesn’t have any growth to make. The only POSSIBLE growth this character has is if he loves someone else and she gets over herself and helps him get with the other girl because he wants him to be happy. Of course she WON’T because that would be a deep, well written character. Of which Miia is not. Rachnera on the other hand, at least me to has not only emotional baggage, but also the furthest to go. She seems like the kind of character who keeps a lot of secrets and who has trouble trusting people. She is by far the most complex as well as intriguing. (Smith is also sort of in this vein which is why I like her too). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind everything on the table Genki characters. (Hell I love Tomo from Azumanga and she hides NOTHING) but sometimes, the mysterious characters are written in a way that makes them alluring, and Rachnera is that sort of character. To be perfectly honest, as with Kodachi and Kakei in Daitoshokan, I really do like the pairing idea of the main character and Rachnera. I think they would make an adorable couple. That doesn’t mean that I would be heartbroken if he ended up with Cerea, Papi, Suu, the mermaid, or even smith, the only one i’d be pissed at is Miia. (Yeah, bet you all didn’t see THAT one coming) All in all, yeah. Rachnera rocks it. End of story.
1st story of episode with monster swat team.  4/10
2nd story with Rachnera                                9/10
Total Score of episode 7/10
Girls who deserve to married to main guy.
1. Rachnera (Yep, jumped to first place)
2. Cerea
3. Papi
4. Smith
5. Suu
6. Mermaid Chick
7. Miia (Seriously, this chick has not pulled herself out of dead last yet and it’s SO FRUSTRATING because I really DO think nagas are cool!)

2 thoughts on “Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode 7 [Okay, Fine Show. Rachnera is Best Monster Girl]

  1. I thought i would hate Rachnera,but i like her by the end she does have a lot of depth and i like char development and assuming that the main character will have to choose soon and i like miia but i honestly would be disapointed cause of i shitty personality. Still routing for Cerea or papi. And now Rachnera :3

  2. Rachnera is great in the manga and gret in the anime too.

    It’s a pity she doesn’t have the spotlight more often. Everytime it happens, she’s proven as the most mature character of the cast. Not that it’s difficult, mind you, but at least her issues are more than “will darling-kun love me or not?”.

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