As the title of my post implies we meet a LOT of characters this episode. As Ains goes out to join an adventurers guild to gain some money that he can use in this world, he’s put on the bottom tier of the guilds workers. He brings along one of the battle maids, Nabe, with him. I can sort of imagine why he didn’t bring Albedo along but it would of been interesting to see her reactions to some of the episodes situations.

Well, he’s in the guild now and at the bottom. Which means he’ll be taking missions for a bit that are far under his pay grade as one of the worlds strongest magic casters.
Or at least, it would mean that if he didn’t beat up a high level adventurer in a bar and give a potion to someone to make up for her potion being destroyed. Then she went to the town alchemist to get the potion looked at and tell the story of what happened. Getting Ains recruited as the young alchemist’s body guard along with a group of adventurers he was talking with.


These guys are all the main character types and it’s hilarious. It’s like showing us, ‘Hey, these guys could totally be protags.’ they even have the tropes, of the leader guy, the overly flirtatious one, the child genius with a special power. They are exactly the kinds of people you’d expect to be the main characters of a story like this. It’s a huge contrast to Momon and his actual appearance which he hides with an illusion. My favorite by far is the flirty one and how he responds to being turned down. He seems really sweet and I’m really afraid for his life. I get the feeling he’ll be the first one to go.
Alright, my bets on how long these ‘main character’ types are going to live? Not long, I like them a lot and while they ARE in the opening, I don’t believe that saves them from death. I also don’t trust the alchemist kid for some reason.
It’s just a feeling that I can’t place.

He looks like one of the villains from Rayearth, that might be it.
He looks like one of the villains from Rayearth, that might be it.

Speaking of people we can’t trust though, I didn’t catch a lot of names this episode because so many characters were introduced but I did catch the name of one. The crazy looking blonde chick from the end of the episode. Clementine, she gives me the ever loving creeps and yet I am still oddly attached to her. What is this series even?
Well, she’s off after the alchemist kid because he has some special power that allows him to use any magical item. Which includes this crown thingy she stole. Which means while Momon, Nabe and the rest of the non Nazarick related crew are guarding the alchemist kid, she’ll come up and there will be some sort of altercation. I am looking forward too this way more then I should be. Also, I was wrong, it’s not ALL of the rest of the characters from the opening, just most of them! Oooo, more people to meet!
How exciting.


Though one last note before the end, while all this adventure stuff is nice and meeting all these new characters is fun. The funniest moment in the episode by far is the moment at the beginning where Ains is talking to Albedo about the change he made in her programming. How she insists that her maker would not mind, he would in fact be proud. Like a father giving away his daughter on her wedding night.
I don’t know the guy that programmed her at all, but somehow I don’t feel like that’s right at all….who knows. I could be wrong.


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  1. Shiki

    Definitely a looot of characters were introduced and there are still a lot more to come.. later..
    well there will be another character coming next episode probably but its ok
    Anyways as you might have thought of it: beeing in an opening doesnt mean they are safe..
    the only thing to say without any major spoilers: not a single one of those characters introduced is going to be spared from pain
    Just like everyone else in nazarik, nabel dislikes humans too and calls them lower lifeforms etc. (see flirting guy)
    And it should have been mentioned but the reason he didnt take albedo with him is because of the hardcore killing-intent and it would be to annoying to deal with
    btw nabel getting chopped and making that sound and expression was so adorable :3
    I think its ok to say that albedos maker is a weirdo as well thinking back on “mr.white knight” and that the creator of the siblings were weird as well with one beeing VA for eroge.. oh and that the initial setting for albedo was to be a.. well.. i think concubine would be ok to say here

  2. WandererYS

    I still think the funniest part in this episode is when Ainz said “We must find work!” The contrast between who he is and what is said was, well, hilarious. Well, grandma pressure was funny too.

    Btw, anyone saw the chibi special?

  3. zztop

    Some of you are probably wondering why Momonga doesn’t use his illusory face full-time in public.

    The novels explain by saying the illusion is easily dispelled if touched. Also, maintaining the illusion drains his magic power over time.

    His illusion face is supposed to be modeled after his human face, although he wryly notes the others find him plain looking because of how good looking they already are!!

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