This episode I felt was a little slower but still fun to watch anyway. And once again it was another Futaba-centered episode. Not that I hate them because I like her, but it usually is always the same. Futaba gets a job, she gets flustered and nervous and awkward, gets the script and freaks out, meets a famous person, messes up during recording, gets advice from said famous person, then she records again and does better. And really that was a quick summary of the second half of the show. But I’ll talk about the first half.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 08 [1080p].mkv0039Which was all about Earphones. The girls are holding their first mini-concert/event in a store. Unfortunately, because not many people know about them just yet, they have a mediocre audience. It wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t full either. I was actually afraid that it was going to be empty and I’d have a aching sinking feeling I had when I watched Love Live and Honoka and the girls had an empty auditorium………………ANYWAY. They get on stage and as usual Rin and Ichigo shine on stage, but of course Futaba is the nervous awkward one. They get to singing their song really well and afterwards they shake hands with every person that came to the event. Rin and Ichigo have a good number of fans and are the more popular ones, while…Futaba isn’t. And that was pretty sad. You know, I always feel sad for Futaba. Sheesh, show, give her a break dammit.

BUT! SHE DOES HAVE A FAN. Even though it was one guy. He had a Korori plush with him, just like the one that she has. He read it in the interview she did awhile ago, and since then he’s been following her. And he came from a far away city to even meet her. Isn’t that sweet! So that made Futaba happy and me too. He was pretty cute too.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 08 [1080p].mkv0046
He’s so cute.
Afterwards the girls check to see how their debut CD is doing in sales. And…no one’s paying attention to them. But the next day Ichigo checks on her phone and it seems they were able to sell some, so that’s good. Like Ichigo said, they’re going to have to accept that not many people know who they are. But that doesn’t mean that they should give up!

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 08 [1080p].mkv0078The next half of the episode I basically summarized already. Futaba gets a job for a narration. I think for some sort of mini-segment about traveling. She went to the TV station where she met Yuji Machi. And…well, it looks like he does a lot of TV stuff. So that’s why I have no idea who he is, and I’m sure plenty of people don’t unless you actually live in Japan and watch TV there. He has done a couple of anime roles, but just very minor ones. But yup, I guess he just works on TV. Well, Futaba had no idea what to do because for this narration job, you get the script the day of the recording. You also have no idea what the video is either. So Futaba had no idea what she was going to be narrating so I can understand why that was nerve-wracking for her. She messed up on the dry run but she was able to calm down when Machi gave her a little pep talk. She was happy in the end because she had learned a lot and she kept her spirits up to keep on trying down the road.

Like I said, it was a slower episode but I still liked it anyway. If I had to be completely honest, this is probably my favorite show of the season. Which is probably a weird choice to people. This show is so interesting to me and it’s pretty fun. The girls are cute and I just love learning about voice acting and the many things that come with voice acting. Well, until next week!


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