Eto arc when?

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So, uh… is Kanae going to hire Aogiri to dispose of the Quinx? I feel like that’s going to make Haise angry more than anything else, but I guess none of them will actually die. I’m sure they can take care of themselves just fine, especially against Aogiri fodder. If Aogiri end up thinking along the same lines though, then it could spell trouble if they send one of their executives – unless it’s Ayato, in which case I’d really like Ayato and Haise to meet up. He could even heroically rescue Hinami along the way. I can definitely see Haise bending the rules to allow Hinami to escape, but I don’t think he’ll rescue that ghoul Tsukiyama wants him to, even if he miraculously does recover his memories as Kaneki – in the first place, with Kijima as an interrogator it’d be very hard to get him out without any suspicious being raised. I could see it happening if he ends up losing jurisdiction for all the stuff he’s being doing without permission, though.

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In the end, what Tsukiyama wants is friendship. He’s a really lonely guy, and what he wants most is to have Kaneki’s group of ghouls reformed – because they were his companions, and his friends. Hori Chie even asks him in the aftermath of the Anteiku raid: “Can you really die for some ingredients?” The implication being that, by that point Kaneki had become way more than just food to him. Of his past acquaintances, Tsukiyama is the only one who passionately wants Haise to return to being Kaneki, and is willing to be reckless in pursuit of that – people like Nishiki or Touka know there’s not much they can do, while Hinami seems to be content in the knowledge that Haise is alive, and relatively happy compared to how he was before.

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I don’t think Tsukiyama fully understands that Haise and Kaneki are different people, though – as he said, it’s true that he currently knows more about Kaneki than Kaneki does himself. But Haise is not Kaneki. It’s true that Kaneki loved Takatsuki’s books, but Haise dislikes the tragedy in them – he no longer identifies with tragedies in the way that Kaneki did back at the start of the original manga. In fact, him talking about the death of all her main characters is just like how Kaneki himself died. Only when Centipede loses control will he return to being anything like Kaneki was, and that’s an insane Kaneki we’re talking about. A resurgence in his memories will not surgically remove Haise – at best it’ll be a fusion between the two, and I doubt Tsukiyama is prepared for that.

I wonder what #5 is like. I thought all of the pictures were designed to rouse Tsukiyama from his depression, but it seems like Little Mouse thought that #1 would be enough – the rest seem to be for the purpose of reviving Kaneki. Is that what she wants, as well?

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    heavy breathing Set up. So much set up. heavy breathing Somehow it’s more intense when you recap it like this, Vantage. heavy breathing C- Calmato… D:

    No, but seriously, there is SO MUCH free-floating potential in this series. It makes me wish this was just an open-world game as crazy as that might sound. I would love to just see what happens if “we” disobey orders and go undercover in the Ghoul world and meet Eto, either as Eto or as Takatsuki. If that leads to a ‘bad end’, reload and instead let things come to “me” (Tsukiyama in this instance) and have this conversation with him that’s full of dialogue options. Exploring the world as Haise and others would be thrilling!

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        Suitcaseyama ;_; Why would you show me this..?

        Actually, on the “bright” side this reminds me of our “kakuja harvesting” conversation from the Root A episodes. Imagine if Tsukiyama brought memories back to Haise by letting himself get captured and used for his kagune, of course he wouldn’t die since “Haise” would be there to stop Kijima.

        It probably won’t go down that way, but I could see Tsukiyama doing something as desperate as that for those reasons and to atone for allowing one of his servants to be captured that way. It could even lead to the old Ghoul gang getting back together in a sense if Kaneki/Haise recognize that they have allies among the Ghouls, using Hinami and Tsukiyama to gain information from within Cochlea, while he gathers Banjo and his mates back together, working with them under the guise of a Ghoul to gather information from the outside world.

        1. Vantage

          It’s less depressing than Briefcase Ken/Quineki! Especially since we all thought it had actually happened at the end of the first manga.

          Kanae would never let him do something that reckless, I think. He sounds like he wants to re-enact past events between him and Kaneki though, from his mention of the squash game in the chapter before this, so maybe something involving Ghoul Restaurant.

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