I never would have assumed that I would be reviewing episode FORTY TWO of this show back in fall of last year. They seriously surprised me with the incredible amount of tenacity this show has put through to keep on trucking. However, the problem is, when you get a show like this, for every episode you get involving the plot, you’re going to have 2-4 filler ones. And this is one of those smack dab in the middle filler ones, gobbed between the beach episode and doing summer homework (which is apparently next week’s….riveting). However, if there’s something I’ve learned about Tribe Cool Crew is that their fillers aren’t usually necessarily BAD (unless you’re the pickle episode). With that said, let’s jump into episode 42 of Tribe Cool Crew.

The episode starts out with Kanon and Ayumu going out to go shopping as Kanon’s mom needs a birthday present. Right off the bat i’m okay with this. Any episode that involves Ayumu is cool with me because her Seiyuu was Kodachi from Daitoshokan and anybody who’s read my blogs knows I love me some Kodachi.

Anyway Ayumu is very excited to get some Takoyaki which is half off that day. Just then Team Sakura shows up and wants to go shopping with them. Just because.

Geez, having these two coming shopping would make your wallet very sad.
Geez, having these two coming shopping would make your wallet very sad. and you know what? For being super wealthy, they sure do wear the SAME DAMN clothes every episode.

Of course you know what happens when you get rich characters going shopping. That’s right, they buy absolutely everything in the stores. And…even some things that are not in the stores.

Yes. She buys the fountain in the middle of the damn mall. ...How do you even DO that?
Yes. She buys the fountain in the middle of the damn mall. …How do you even DO that?

Meanwhile we learn that Kanon is free to shop today because the crew isn’t having practice because Kumo had to go help out at work. Because of this, Haneru is really bored and has to help out his parents at their job making crisps.

We also learn that the job that Kumo is doing is filling in for his old gangster buddy as the villain on a superhero stage show as a spider villain. Ah…cute. His name’s Kumo and he’s playing the spider guy. Ha…cute.

I don't have to make a subtlety joke. There's literally bright colors behind him
I don’t have to make a subtlety joke. There’s literally bright colors behind him

After the girls are done shopping, they see an advertisement for tickets for a trip to the south seas. the announcer dude in the picture above tells them that it’s not to buy, but a prize for the talent competition that’s taking place. Team Sakura says they want to try to win it, but tells them that Kanon and Ayumu have to join in.

Ayumu really doesn’t know how to dance so they call Haneru to take her place, but he has to make a delivery so he promises he’ll be there as quickly as possible.

Haneru doesn’t make it in time, however Kumo in the spider guy costume shows up and dances with Kanon anonymously.

Still better dancing than Spider man 3
Still better dancing than Spider man 3

Of course the contest is between Team Sakura and Tribe Cool Crew, but on a decision of 3-2, Team Sakura wins. And..once again, i’m the odd man out, because I actually think Tribe Cool should have won. I didn’t really like Team Sakura’s dancing this time around. Then again..what do I know?

The episode ends with Team Sakura giving Kanon the prize as a gift for her mom’s birthday and the gang asks where the spider guy went and they are none the wiser as they all eat Takoyaki that Ayumu bought.

Hmm....I should try Takoyaki once
Hmm….I should try Takoyaki…

This episode, of course was a filler. It was super fillery mcfillerson. But…it wasn’t a bad one. Sure, it didn’t make you feel squishy inside like the last one, or it didn’t make you feel pumped like the basketball one, but, it was still pretty good.

It was fun to see Kumo dancing dressed up as a spider and to take a break from the whole “Crowd High is evil” and just have fun as this show seems like it enjoys doing.

This is a show that I can already tell is going to have a definite end somewhere in the future as the plot is coming to head soon. Once this last round of Dance Road happens, Shit’s really going to hit the fan with Crowd High And Jey. So when I see filler episodes like this I’m not upset, because I know that once this round of filler episodes is finished, the series might be wrapping up, as I can’t imagine it would go longer than 52 episodes.

Besides World Trigger, this is the only show that’s been running since I started reviewing here, and honestly, Tribe Cool, even when it’s being serious, is a fun show I can always count on being there. It is constant, and it is usually fun and entertaining. There’s no death, no darkness, just a fun show about dancing. And episodes like this really do bring out the light hearted nature of the show. So I really can’t fault it for that. Plus, as I said, I really do like Ayumu.

Yeah, one of my favorite characters is a side character. Sue me.
Yeah, one of my favorite characters is a side character. Sue me.

Overall, not award winning, but a fun episode and i’d be willing to watch more episodes like this. I’m not the biggest fan of Team Sakura, but…meh. I guess they’re harmless.

Episode 7/10