World Trigger Episode 43 [Wow! Even MORE Nothing!]

Welcome back to World Trigger everyone! Now, I certainly hope you weren’t expecting..well..ANYTHING to happen this week, because if you were, I’m not exactly sure what series you’ve been watching for almost a year now. Still though, I guess I should explain what was on the screen for 20 minutes this week. I mean, It wasn’t exactly PLOT but…it wasn’t…empty static. So I suppose I should.

So the episode starts off with them heading back to their branch where Konami’s like “The fuck duckface? You lost?”

Are we going to EVER get an episode dedicated to Konami? Because we seriously need one.
Are we going to EVER get an episode dedicated to Konami? Because we seriously need one.

At this point i’m going to go off on a little tangent, because honestly, if i didn’t, this review would be like 200 words long. Okay World Trigger. Seriously. You held a poll for the popularity of your characters, and Konami came in THIRD. For gods sake, she beat out CHIKA AND JIN supposedly two of your four main characters, and you don’t even put her in the series that much. WHY? She even gets less screen time than Bitchface, and Konami beat her in votes by THREE TIMES. Seriously guys. More Konami. NOW.

Anyway, back to the nothing. So duckface talks about how he was still glad he fought him because now he can learn to get better and he also wanted to test his strength and blah blah blah.

We then cut to the guy who beat duckface’s group which consists of an assy girl, a generic guy, and a clumsy dude.

haha! it's funny because he's clumsy! it's not
haha! it’s funny because he’s clumsy!….no it’s not

The all girl group then talks about their strategy as they get to choose the location.

riveting, riveting stuff
riveting, riveting stuff

Duckface then sits on a roof and Maes Hughes decides to show up and talk to him telling him that Wet Blanket thinks he’s upset because he lost. Duckface tells him that no, he’s fine and it’s nice to fight stronger people so you can get better.

I know it's not his name, but I can't stop calling this guy Maes Hughes.
I know it’s not his name, but I can’t stop calling this guy Maes Hughes. I mean LOOK AT HIM!

Meanwhile, we cut back to that guy with the weird bug eyes that fought Jin that one time. Remember? When they wanted to attack Duckface and take his black trigger? Yeah. that guy. He really wanted to hear the commentary of the previous match so he asked the announcer girl for a copy.

I haven't done shit for a long time. Can I do something?
I haven’t done shit for a long time. Can I do something?

That’s really all that happens in this scene. He flashbacks about how he asked for a copy of the audio commentary so he could listen to it. Yep…that’s really it. and that’s 1 1/2 minutes of the episode. Time..well…spent.

Then finally, FINALLY it’s time for the morning of the third round.

NOPE! Just kidding. Opening theme song time…. 12 1/2 minutes in.

All right. Time for at least the START of the battle?

NOPE! Time for a flashback of the guy who beat Duckface cried because the sniper guy from before quit being an attacker to be a sniper and he thinks it’s all his fault.

What the- this guy can't even CRY with any emotion!
What the- this guy can’t even CRY with any emotion!

His side effect makes him super learn everything really fast while he sleeps (as you remember) and gets better at stuff than the people who worked really hard and trained for it. His teammate then goes to talk to the sniper guy who basically tells him, “no it’s not your fault. I planned this all along.”

As I said before, Time. Well. Spent.
As I said before, Time. Well. Spent.

Seriously though? We get backstory for THIS guy but not Konami? What does this anime have against Konami? WHY WON’T YOU GIVE HER SCREEN TIME?! (Sigh) even the episodes filled with NOTHING  they won’t give her any.

And of course, with 30 seconds to go, and the episode about to end, we find out that they get sent to a bridge zone…while it’s a storm. Awesome.

I'm still waiting for the battle where they all start off in the same bathroom.
I’m still waiting for the battle where they all start off in the same bathroom.

If you couldn’t tell, this episode had SO MUCH NOTHING. There was nothing even coherent about this episode. They literally just talked to each other about stuff that happened and stuff that’s going to happen. And it was from characters I don’t give a single solitary crap about. Really. I don’t care about Stupid mcderpface.

I now dub thee, stupid mcderpface.
I now dub thee, stupid mcderpface.

What’s even funnier is the fact that apparently they LOST to the group that our heroes beat last time. That’s right, they lost to the cigarette guy team.

Which in my opinion, is very very funny.

Honestly though, this episode was so entirely useless and pointless. All it did was waste my time. There was NOTHING of value in this episode. They even breezed over Wet Blanket strategizing. A lot of the episode was dedicated to talking about how Duckface was the only worthwhile member of the team and the rest suck. The ONLY thing I can think of that this was a setup to was to show next episode how good Wet Blanket and Chika have gotten. That’s REALLY all I can see being the point of this.

Really, you can completely skip this episode and miss absolutely nothing. I will never watch this episode again and You guys don’t even need to watch it in the first place.

Episode 3/10 (Mainly because Konami showed up, albeit briefly)





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