Gangsta ep 11 [ End of the World ]

This episode is intense, for lack of a better term. A lot of characters meet, come into play- I was lost simply by the sheer amount of faces that hadn’t really all been introduced to me properly. I’m still reeling from other episodes and this one was like ‘well, you know all that plot stuff? Well here is all that plot stuff enjoy’ So many important characters are here and I’m just going ‘aw shit’. It was still just jarring not seeing Nic and Worick- they have been the glue to the show this entire episode, now they are quite literally off the map.

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Jeez, after all this time, the show doesn’t really feel like it can wrap up in one more episode. This episode had so many feels, so many characters, so much crazy shit, and all I found myself doing was going: is this really going to end soon? It feels like there is way too much of a plot and we have way too much to find out to really base ourselves in this episode alone. Yuikes. I’m finding it more and more likely they’re going to give us an ending where we’re meant to go read the manga. Is there any hope for Season 2? I’m doubting it, if only because of lack of funding.

I definitely don’t hate this show. It has remained interesting even though it’s veered a little of course of what I thought I wanted for it. Even though Doug was kind of an asshat and we barely got to see most of his content, it was still sad seeing his ending. It says good things about a show when you can still feel for characters you thought you couldn’t.

even freckle temari!

even freckle temari!

All in all, this episode left me with one major feeling: how the hell is everything really going to be settled in just one episode?? I guess we’re going to find out.

[HorribleSubs] Gangsta - 11 [720p].mkv_20150921_221714


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  1. So the boss of guild turns out to be Meaner looking super powered lesbian(Bi?)Balalaika.
    I was genuinely surprised to see Ginger in bead with Gina Paulklee, the subordinate enamored with their superior comes up often enough but this is one those few times that I’ve seen it acted upon and reciprocated.

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